Family calls police on Biden official’s entourage

American Petroleum Institute’s Mike Sommers discusses the Biden administration’s push for electric vehicles and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s road trip on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #foxbusiness #theeveningedit

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  1. They not destroying at they did already destroyed america

  2. How is Biden still making policy decisions when this criminally corrupt tyrant should be locked up in a concrete box, like YESTERDAY!

  3. I love hybrid, but I would NEVER buy an electric car!!

  4. What if you are stopped at one of those at night. I wouldn't feel safe.

  5. Just another to vote all democrats out of office and put half of them in jail

  6. When the nation become the flunky at the mercy of the ones who have gone under it's skin,,,,

  7. EV’s are manufactured with fossil fuel! Vicious circle! Or just hypocrites! FYI charging stations powered by fossil fuel!

  8. Joe Biden🍦for Prisoner's NURSING HOME 🏡 2023!

  9. Toyota president said no more pure electric cars. They are working with Yamaha to develop hydrogen engines. Electric only has issues working in cold or hot weather.
    We need to impeach Biden now!!!!!!

  10. The government is grossly over stepping it's abilities by trying to force the hand of the people.
    This over reach by the government will not be tolerated much longer.

  11. They are an unelected bureaucracy and have no power to make laws or tell AMY AMERICAN WHAT TO DO!!!!

  12. I will probably be closing my small business around the the end of the year. I just can’t pass on the high fuel prices any longer. Basically I’m going broke trying.

  13. EV. QUEUES. LONG. // CHG. IN HEAT //

  14. How is he going to refill the strategic oil reserve? Buy oil from Russia because Biden shut down virtually all US production continent wide? What a dumbass!

  15. Thats why I will never vote democrat. They are totalitarian dictators what a joke bidens admin is.

  16. How many people can buy new cars?

  17. Democrats are saying (Let them eat cake) we want options. Not bans

  18. Top-down government management it's the hallmark of failed communism.

  19. There is only one way I will own a electric car, biden will have to buy it for me.

  20. So… You called the API for comment? 😂

  21. No way I'll ever buy one EVER

  22. Are the White House vehicles that chauffeur the president, Vice President, and staff EV or electric vehicles? Biden should make that change immediately if it has not happened yet.
    Air Force one should be replaced by a more efficient jet.
    Biden should have a Presidential rail car for local trips in a 500 mile radius of DC.
    If Kim Jung UN could take the train to Russia, Biden could take the train to East Palestine Ohio.
    Oh, I forgot, he said he couldn’t fit it into his schedule

  23. We won’t be here in 2035😂

  24. Democrats have been transitioning the USA into communism since 1861 ! The voters are the communist voting for communism ! If you vote for democrats you vote for communism no doubt !

  25. I will never buy a electric car If you've ever seen how fast a lithium ion battery goes up in flames And that can be something as simple as a short circuit in the battery that causes it to explode

  26. If Biden pushes ev's fir every American. When will Biden start using ev's ? They won't.
    He knows thst ev's are a joke.
    Slava Ukrayini 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  27. They are nothing people who hate Musk. The majority loves Elon Musk.

  28. More of Biden and his weird Administration!

  29. Defund Biden this man should be arrested for messing with our enemies for-profit

  30. Strategic oil reserves is for one thing and one thing only if this country needs to defend itself 🙏 please somebody have the balls enough to say this must end right now

  31. It's just like Joe Biden is helping the CCP there is where you get your cars 🚘 you know electric cars Biden has been pushing it's obvious he's working with the CCP why do you think his family's got so much money from this arrest the man

  32. Old Joe has got to go. The rest of the world does not want EVs., this gives the U.S. auto manufactures no good reason to stay here and they will build where the world market is.

  33. 🤬🤬🤬🤬. The government MAKING us buy what they dictate😤😤😤. This government STINKS!!!!