Family Demands Answers After Austin Police Shooting Leaves Man Dead On His Own Porch

Raj Moonesinghe’s family says he was pacing around his home in Austin, Texas with a gun looking for an intruder when police drove up unannounced and killed him. NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez spoke with his family about the fatal shooting.

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  1. Police didn’t even give him a second to drop his gun. officer didn’t even finish the command to shoot. Bring the police officer to justice 😡😡

  2. Texas needs to know who the smack talking journalists at Texas Monthly are. They should put a name on their trashy articles, they DONT represent Texan views.

  3. he was following his training, to save lives?

    from who?

  4. Drop the gun bang bang.
    You can be certain the cop will say he either turned towards him or pointed the gun at him.


  6. That cop is going to get away with it because he said drop the gun…because there can't be any policy written that says how long do you wait to shoot.

  7. True he was a terrorist looking dude with a large gun but the cop only said "drop the gun" then shoot anyway a second later.

  8. Horrible act by the police ..disgusting 😳🙄😠

  9. And police being MORONS again. In fact more innocent people are killed by police every day than are victims of a crims, and this is a margin of 15

  10. Greg Abbott: We're a open carry state

  11. First mistake is buying a gun

  12. what life did the officer protected that night?he snuck up and shouted drop the gun because he needs to but has already decided to shoot.

  13. the ring video .He has no idea they were there . First shot he drops and puts his hands up but still gets shot again after

  14. put that officer in jail

  15. Cop should serve prison time for sure. Terrible police work. If you're a scared little man you should not be wearing a badge.

  16. Freaking disgusting.

  17. When a third world country got high GDP per capita and Guns

  18. Cops been murdering freely since its inception.
    And will continue to…
    At least if they did not have qualified immunity and had to provide their own liability insurance–less police-produced murders would happen.

  19. Abolish qualified immunity

  20. The police will sit back and laugh

  21. Never trust anyone that is a cop

  22. Ahh well seeing a black guy pacing around with a high powered rifle in a white neighborhood the cop had only milliseconds to react.

  23. But had he been pointing a gun at kids the officers would have run away… sad.

  24. And I thought Texas was a proud 2A state.he never gave him a chance to comply .he fired in the middle of his drop the gun speech. The officer could have Fisrt taken cover then gave the command of drop your weapon. And even after he shot him you hear the Home 🏡 owner say this is my home it's not me.and only had the security guard told the 911 dispatcher the description of the Home owner

  25. Y’all ruining this country, repent yo sin cop.

  26. Give the officer death penalty,it's legal in Texas right? Set an example for other officers.🤷‍♂️

  27. For those of you wondering: police say "drop the gun" to cover their legal butts when they know they are going to murder someone, NOT to resolve the situation.

  28. Hahahahaha. He was packing an AR. He fired a round into a house. Drop him.

  29. Gun should be ban, we don't have this problem in Australia. The poor guy should have called police, in the dark holding gun and poorly trained police… I wonder how many similar case went unreported

  30. No lights or sirens because it’s a burglary in progress call so they don’t want to alarm the suspect. Once the man notice he should’ve been on the phone with 911. Cop arrives with someone holding a gun after hearing Gun shots and shots will be fired. Tragic situation but the officer didn’t do anything wrong.

  31. "followed his training." WTF kind of training is that. We gotta pay cops more and give them better training.

  32. If that came from training to "protect lives" then the school failed him, the school failed all of us – past, present and future victims.

  33. And the Right wants MORE guns! Unbelievable.

  34. What beyond infuriating is this is like game hunting – this was a man with a living soul shot dead at his own home looking to be vigilant protecting his own while dispatcher doesn’t even know how to relate information properly – half hazard !!!