Family Files Lawsuit After Police Watch Arizona Man Drown

The wrongful death suit filed by the family of Sean Bickings claims police officer ignored his pleas for help. KPNX’s Michael Doudna reports.Indiana’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against TikTok, accusing its parent company of exposing children to mature content and not disclosing that China could access users’ data. Attorney and legal analyst Angela Cenedella explains what the lawsuit could mean for access to TikTok in the state and how the app is responding.

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  1. They failed a man that was troubled. The lack of concern spilled off these cops as they watched. "I wonder how far do you think he is going to be able to swim?"……As he watched and chilled. Doing something is better than nothing.

  2. Wasnt he homeless? How come all of a sudden he has "family"? I would be embarrassed to be affiliated with someone like that … But i guess maybe 3 mill would make me light up some candles and pretend i gave a f…

  3. While this is sad the only thing that would have happened would be all of them died bc they are not life guards and they had no equipment. The drowning victim would have pulled the police with him. Plus he jumped in himself.
    Natural consequences are not their fault.
    There is a lot to blame them for but this isn't one of them.

  4. Ive seen video of them jumping in water to save a dog!!! One More example of what is

  5. Pretty sure they had a marine patrol unit most states do around large bodies of water

  6. The guy willingly jumped in because he didn’t want to go to jail, that’s on him. If the cops jumped in, not having any water rescue training or knowing how to swim, they could have drowned too. You can’t save someone if you can’t save yourself. Also, “unsheltered”, you mean homeless? Why do homeless people deserve to get minorvwarrents forgiven? You do the crime, you do the time or pay the fine, period.

  7. Tax dollars, hard at work 💰 serve and protect my 🕳

  8. Officers are not trained to save lives in water and are at risk of being drowned by the person drowning. How about stupid shouldn’t have jumped in to run from the police. Police will not be liable for this incident.

  9. All 👮 gear is heavy & he jump on his own . Tempe lake is 2 mile long on dry Rio salado , is block on both side to retain water for locals to enjoy. Shallow not deep non dangerous waters.

  10. He made a conscious decision to jump in. Rescue swimking is a technical skill that needs to be practiced. If the cops would have jumped in he would have pulled them under as well. Sorry, but it's true.

  11. NO, NOT COOL!!! One of em could have saved him!!! He was begging for help & they sounded callous!!!! That's a fellow human being drowning you f#$$'s!!!!!! His wife should have been aloud!!! NOT OK WITH THE BLATANT BS!!!! NOT COOL OFFICERS!!!! And I try to ALWAYS side with you BUT NOT THIS ONE!!!! video isn't out because of what y'all said!!!

  12. A tag on a democrat is.take it for free.

  13. It didnt go well for you maggots at nbc.did it?.

  14. Well,! every citizen should be sue too for not helping.go and check all the black brown etc in nyc.see how they turn their backs.

  15. Can't blame anyone if you die because your own stupidity!

  16. Guy jumps off a bridge you gonna jump too? Phoenix police: absolutely not. Good call. Had a cop jumped in to help this would be a story about a guy that drowned and killed a cop.

  17. Sometimes we have to take our own responsibility to our Life, we can't always put blame on the police, this day lawsuit is all about money to human life only. We are not little kids God sake blame yourself not always to the police, they do their job you have to do yours. He decided to jump into the water let him be.

  18. Do they think fences around water are permeable?

  19. They should have called some one!! Seriously

  20. All this because he didn’t want to go to jail… Trust nobody’s wants to go to jail but that doesn’t mean run from the cops and jump into a very cold river. All this was started because a concerned bystander saw he was getting cray cray on his girlfriend! Officers did all they could do. Very sad

  21. So the police don't know how to swim. Like Uvalde land cops

  22. Why is everyone surprised? Supreme Court – Castle Rock vs Gonzales 2005
    PD has no duty to save you.

  23. To obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both, generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis.

  24. Just like the Alameda police department in the SF Bay Area. Cowards.

  25. Is it the police’s responsibility to save a drowning person?

  26. Ahh yes the family suddenly cares so much once millions of dollars are at stake.

  27. My buddy Jim jumped in the lake Tahoe in the winter time to save a girl in a baby stroller.

  28. Now we have to teach officers how to swim

  29. A lesen to all who jump off a bridge,nobody is obligated yo jump off the same brige to safe you,,,,,and risk their own life….

  30. Well I guess he shouldn’t have jumped in. He’s the only one that knew he couldn’t swim. Why do we keep rewarding stupidity.

  31. Just like in that Texas school shooting the cowards are good for nothing but stopping ordinary citizens from doing what needs to be done.

  32. I believe that homeless people deserve our help and we shouldn't treat them like animals. Ironically, that man reacted exactly like a panicked deer.


  34. Why should a cop risk their lives by jumping in the water when a criminal tries to run away?

  35. Did the cops call for water support? Unclear how the cops are not indicted for homicide.

  36. the police wear so much gear they can't just jump in the water and also what if they can't swim?

  37. If a man with barley any clothes couldn't swim when he went out far how do you think an officer with another 40+ lbs of duty gear suppose to swim out there? He went out there, no one forced him.

  38. Who willingly jumped in the water??????

  39. I saw 2 teenagers jump in huge ocean swells to save a girl who was drowning. You dont need training to be a hero you need action

  40. Sue the cops cause the guy made a stupid decision. Oh well.

  41. Sad incident but Sean made the choice. Its hard to save a drowning adult without the safety equipment, plus how cold was the water?

  42. NBC now that youve been exposed for suppressing important news you should leave real news to professional news outlets. Youre a big part on the division in the country, the corp news media we have been warned about and America knows what you are. Leave real news to legit news channels.