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Family files lawsuit against cruise line after toddler’s death l ABC News

The family of 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand, who died after she fell from a window aboard a Royal Caribbean ship, has filed a wrongful death suit that claims the cruise line is to blame for her fall.

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The parents of a 1-year-old girl who fell to her death from the window of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship over the summer is now suing the company for negligence.

Indiana residents Alan Wiegand and Kimberly Schultz-Wiegand filed the civil lawsuit Wednesday morning, accusing Royal Caribbean of playing “a major role in the death of our child.” Their daughter, Chloe, would have turned 2 this week.

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  1. The grandfather leaned over the railing twice and couldn’t tell the window was open. I feel sorry for the family but that lawyer is ambulance chasing he really can’t believe anyone other than the grandfather is at fault. Let this poor girl Rest In Peace.

  2. I am curious about what the contract says when you sign and pay for a cruise. They aren’t going to win. I am certain there is a disclaimer saying to “watch your kid at all times and keep them away from windows. Inability to take precautions can result in injury or death.”

  3. Cant the parents just grief? Why chase money?

  4. This is a tragic accident. Royal cruise line is at as much fault and the grandfather should not have been charged. It was a tragic accident. Unbelievable and horrific. To the family: may this terrible lesson become your greatest blessing.

  5. Man fuck that let them sue them they make so much money off us humans to not have steady shut windows

  6. I dotn see this going anywhere, u can't blame someone when it's not there fault what so ever

  7. What a pathetic excuse not to own up to your own fault

  8. Maybe the grandfather put her up on the window railing on purpose. I don't buy anything he has to say.

  9. The family says its NOT the grandfathers fault?!? 😆😂🤣 …..🤔
    Actually they are partially correct. The family is equally to blame for leaving their child in the care of an imbecile. As the apple usually doesnt fall far from the tree, and the fact that the family actually made the statement "its not the grandfathers fault" also puts them in the catagory of being imbeciles as well. As if this shitshow wasnt bad enough, now the imbeciles are filing a frivolous lawsuit.
    Ya know, some people should be smothered at birth. This whole family could be the poster children for this very consideration.

  10. Windows are not a rest spot


  12. They need to stop it's their own fault instead of trying to get some money😔 sad

  13. 0:46 I thought his name was Salmonella..

  14. Really cruise line isn't responsible

  15. People also shouldn't lean without personally verifying. Both are at fault.

  16. FULLY RESPONSIBLE IS THE GRANDFATHER. HE WAS NEGLIGENT FULLY IN not HOLDING ONTO THE BABY SECURELY. The cruise line should NOT be sued. The grandfather is to be be SOLELY held accountable.

  17. Does anyone recognize this as an accident ? I’m amazed at the lack of empathy it isn’t like he planned for his granddaughter to fall . On top of his self torture he’s now going to prison. The girl is dead already so let’s end someone else’s life. The world’s cold enough as it is without ignorant judgments. Toddler falls into pool because they went swimming earlier , Burger Kings toys, toddler freezes outside because she went to play in the snow. It’s tragic but let’s learn instead of blame

  18. And why do they keep showing that stupid "children's play area"???!!! We ALL know that she was NOT in a children's play area!! My God, these people disgust me! I want to punch the parents in the face for being so creepy and money hungry! I really am beginning to believe they planned this.

  19. Why would anyone put a baby in the window unsupervised. He assumed it was locked? People open windows all the time. You don't assume anything when you have a child in your care blaming the cruise ship is just lame

  20. Ah, but it IS Grandpa's fault! He friggin looked over and down…..then lifted her over and dropped her out the damned window! This would NEVER have happened, had he not made these reckless choices! My God, this family disgusts me!! I hope they get slammed in court, and I hope the case gets thrown out. They should be ashamed of how they have exploited this child's death with their greed.

  21. The family is shameless.

  22. What scumbags suing the cruise ship. It was the dumb arse grandfathers fault.

  23. That bitch wants money that's all , that old dude need death penalty ,

  24. I’m not gonna be nice about this.

    The grandfather fucked up, take responsibility and don’t drag other people down with you.

    I don’t know if this is just for a pay day or if they’re too blinded by their grief but how the hell is it Royal Caribbean’s fault? Pretty fuckin common sense not to stand a toddler up to lean on a glass window 11 stories up…

  25. Not the cruise fault, take responsibility

  26. Moran grandfather let's baby fall out of window and then trys for $$$$$$$$ by suing the company. Undoubtedly this guy is a MAGA Trumper.

  27. Children that small have no business being on cruise ships anyway. Just like your stupid pets don't belong everywhere.

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