Family of man allegedly ‘smothered’ to death by Virginia deputies speaks out

Attorney Ben Crump and the family of Irvo Otieno spoke out during a press conference after seven Virginia sheriff’s deputies have been charged in connection with Otieno’s death. 

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  1. All I can say is, I am so sorry. I am so sorry for the pain of your loss. Very sorry.

  2. Put all the deputies in General Population and let things take care of themselves.

  3. I am convinced the corrupted police union may need to answer for the many police who violate their oaths of office to protect defend and preserve the Constitution if the United States where all men have a right to LIFE to Liberty and to the pursuit of Happiness which these officers have taken away not just from him but many others, this must be seen for what it is and it must be stopped

  4. Looking at their behaviors in whole in america, i question if it will ever be good for anyone. But, as it is, in what they have done, it will likely continue in sin until whenever. Each generation it seems it does get better in how they believe, act, feel, and even as much as they tell themselves, its noticeable.

  5. trumpist killers are everywhere….be careful out there

  6. "My son was treated like a dog, worse than a dog…, My son was tortured, to put it right…, But I'm here to mourn, I'm here mourning the life of this young man, my son. Mental illness should not be your ticket to death, there was a chance to rescue him, there was a chance to stop what was going on. And, I don't understand how all systems failed him." were Irvo Otieno's mother Caroline Ohkoh's remarks yesterday regarding the death of her son by "smothering" concluding a multi-day mental-health crisis, institutionalization, arrest and incarceration

    We should reflect upon Ms. Ohkoh's eloquent and unassailable indictment of America's mental-health care and police response to a medical condition that according to The National Alliance On Mental Illness afflicts fully 30% of Americans at some point in their lives with a mental health episode of one degree or another which seriously affects their ability to function.

    A mental health condition should also not disbar an afflicted person from employment, entry into the meritocracy, friendship, love from parents/ family/ significant others…, mental illness should not be dismissed by easy and all too frequent cop-outs: "They are on drugs"/ "They drink too much"/ "They don't try hard enough"/ "They keep making bad decisions"/ "They don't take care of themselves"/ "Their resume is full of unexplained holes"/ "We can't trust that this person will make the right decision in a crisis"/ "Why don't they pull themselves up by their bootstraps?"


  7. My 🙏 to the Family….N Community❤

  8. I 🙏 Justice is Serve ….Deputies expose to Protect n Serve…….I HOPE the Judge give Them LIFE with No Pay No Pension…..Strip EVERYTHING…..They r a Disgrace to The 🌎.

  9. Assaulting officers and hospital staff is as "American as apple pie?" Mother's are blind to their children's faults. Sorry for your loss.

  10. My heart and prayers go out to the Otieno family for suffering an unimaginable horror and loss of their beloved son. This is so unfathomable and so tragic, there just are no words. Everyone deserves to be treated with basic human decency–PARTICULARLY those who suffer with emotional or mental illness. There is NEVER an excuse for this type of horrific crime. God bless the Otieno family and this young man who graduated from DSF.

  11. Lock those uncivilized killers in cages where they all belong until their last breath on Earth before they all head to Satan's Place.👨‍⚖⚰🪦🔥😈🤔

  12. He might have been a nice guy but explain to his mother that because of a certain race act like f**** animals day in and day how else do you deal with these

  13. There goes all their diversity and equity hires 🤣

  14. At some point you have to consider that you maybe the problem, unless you're black. Then it's always someone else

  15. I’m so sorry Queen that you lost your son I pray that he gets justice!! This is disgusting and wicked may they all rot forever!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🌹🕊🌹🕊

  16. Did she play Callipso? 😮

  17. These police officers have to be held accountable. This can’t be happening. Very sad. Very heartbreaking.💔

  18. My heart hurts for this family. 😢 To see a video of his murder at the hands of those who swore under oath to protect civilians. Heartbreaking and devastating. I just don't understand how these killers are wearing badges they don't deserve rather than prisoner orange jumpsuits they clearly deserve to wear. Prayers to the family, hoping they stand strong and united during their quest for justice.

  19. Condolences heart felt prayers

  20. WE WHITE PEOPLE write today –tomorrows' history lessons….500, 800, a thousand years from now, written today. What will they say in this age of enlightenment and deconstruction of world governments are being understood, and we see the annihilation of culture throughout the world at the hands of white European and American colonists armed service men of war and in murder to take….destroyed millions and millions of people in every culture that was not white: WHAT WILL YOU BE KNOWN to have done to make right for this?

  21. Those people are not American, and they never will be.

  22. My heart goes out to this family. I’m so sorry for your loss. This is so heartbreaking. May the Lord bring justice ASAP. May your son rest in the arms of Jesus Christ.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. O'l Ugandian Crum is out with his extortion tactics.

  24. Yeah, I’m go to go head and withhold judgement until there is more information.

  25. When will the cops stop killing blacks?

  26. It's gonna get much much worse in the future as the majority have become desensitized to a normal now..sorry for your loss..

  27. The less of these charcoal burn “ people” the better, can’t do anything with them around, can’t have safety, nice things, peace.
    Stop crying for them, they destroy every city and neighborhood like a human virus..

  28. I’m sure he was a great contributor to society. 🤣

  29. Them Africans do be strong AF. Why was he in jail? The family should have gotten him counseling, so sad all around.

  30. Biggers but with an N.

  31. This is why so many mentally ill sons live at home. The mothers try to protect them from this scenario.

  32. So sad so sorry.🙏🏿❤️

  33. I hate this! My heart breaks with her words! Oh Lord help us. Stop the hate, stop the killing

  34. Love and prayers to this family of this man. Things have GOT TO CHANGE!!! Those changes can't wait, aren't debatable, they are a matter of HUMAN RIGHTS! Hold violators accountable for their actions as you would if it was your own son who's life was taken!!!

  35. Let The Most Highs Judgment and WRATH be POURED down upon The United States Of America!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Grift never stops. How much this time? 5 million dollars outta do it.

  37. The hurt that mother is going through is just horrible.

  38. I expect to see those who carry their pro-life banners around to be here saying something against this. Guess what? They won’t. They’ll only type “thoughts and prayers after enormous pressure. Who’re they fooling?? They only see the sanctity of life in children yet to be born. Hypocrisy at its peak.

  39. 😂😂😂😂 🎉

  40. OMG! Her words! They are ingrained in my heart. I have not even heard of this today! Breaks my heart! His brother is so right!

  41. All my love to the family.