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Family of Navy vet who died in police custody speaks out | WNT

In December, the family of Angelo Quinto called police as he was suffering a mental health crisis. They say officers allegedly knelt on Quinto’s neck for several minutes, and he died three days later.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. You trusted police? When will you learn, you only call police on family members you want murdered

  2. “Narcan” “Did he eat today?” “Has he been sick?” …. yeah, they knew they messed up. We’ll see.

  3. dont call police for any mental health issues. they are not trained to be compassoinate

  4. Police officers investigating their own. CLOWNS

  5. Lol imagine calling the police to help you parent

  6. After serving the navy and the country this what he gets fucks killed of a cops veteran who doesnt know human rights

  7. There is absolutely no reason or excuse for police to come in to a situation and just grab someone who is calm! It doesn't even help them achieve their goals. Anyone who would do that doesn't deserve to have a badge. That is not normal behavior for a cop. And yet you know they'll just get off.

  8. Humane Law Enforcement Officers would have taken him to a Hospital Psychiatric Facility for help and observation !!!!!!!!!

  9. Do not call the police for anything else than a crime you have witnessed

  10. Abusive US of A police #1 human rights violator in the world…Asian lives matter..

  11. Justice to my fellow Filipino ✊

  12. Calling the supporters of BLM in the US. Let see if you really care about other races or you just care for the Black Americans because Lebron James and other woke snowflakes told you so

  13. And then they get mad when we dont trust them like tf-

  14. A Navy vet having served his country overseas only to be killed by the fellow countrymen he sought to protect because of a mental illness? A tragedy indeed…

    My deepest condolences, and may justice be served

  15. there was really brutal force applied cause of the blood on the floor when they held him up 😥 poor guy

  16. As a vet i say his Family is just as guilty there is a number at the VA to call for help by people that are trained. But noooo they call the cops screaming im afraid for my life…. what did you think was going to happen, and its messed up that his mom waits for his eyes to roll back before filming

  17. How many time's police kill innocent people police these days are untrustworthy they are worse than. Criminals

  18. I’m a Filipino too and this news makes me sad. He doesn’t deserve what happened to him.

  19. imagine go fight for your country then get maniac episode and finally killed by some local cops who never travel more than a thousand miles from home. what shocking is this story will sink in the dark after a month and that cop most likely get switch to another county. story end

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