Monday , October 26 2020
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Family Of UPS Driver Killed In Police Shootout With Hostage Takers Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News

Frank Ordonez, a 27-year-old UPS driver, was killed on Thursday in a shootout between police and two robbers who hijacked his truck. His devastated mother spoke out to José Díaz-Balart and the family raised concerns over how police handled the situation.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Family Of UPS Driver Killed In Police Shootout With Hostage Takers Speaks Out | NBC Nightly News


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  1. My prayers too the family who has loss there love one

  2. This was highly unnecessary. This situation is f*#ked up on so many levels. RIP to the driver and bystander.

  3. Every day cops out here proving that they’re not here to protect the public.

  4. Train people BEFORE giving them a badge and gun!

  5. Police are nothing but a bunch of thugs with a license.

  6. You……….
    .. Cops… Want this job…… Is a life….. Or… Death… Job……….. If being a cop not the job for you then leave.. Rip to the 2 men that got killed becousr the cops didnt do there job…..

  7. If it were a white woman, this would have ended different. Just saying that the law enforcement would have negotiated a safe release. Sad, but true.

  8. So? It is okay for an American born citizen to be killed, but when it is an immigrant, it is suddenly tragic? He had 2 kids – but no mention of a wife. So, exactly how wonderful was this guy and what was he contributing to this country and to the world? She could have stayed in Ecuador, land of nowhere – no one made her move here – she can go back any time. Not one but two kids from her son, apparently born out of wedlock, meaning he was not smart or responsible enough to use birth control.

  9. This absolutely appalling highway shootout yesterday encapsulates the under-trained, military-cosplaying, Punisher-wannabe cops who permeate America's police departments. –  They killed both the hostage and a bystander, then bragged "no LEOs were harmed!

  10. Was he killed by police bullets or criminal bullets? It's not clear.

  11. Trigger happy because they know there won't be any repercussions.

  12. I feel sorry for the family

  13. I'm glad the police didn't let the truck out of the freeway from what it looks like. In the streets or near a mall could've been much worse. It's sad but the criminals started the whole thing, they're to blame not the police.

  14. They get paid to murder , they are haired killers . the public is their Enimy .

  15. Why can’t police blast school shooter like that?

  16. So sad/devastating 😥RIP😥

  17. did they use civilian cars with people in them as shields?

  18. Unfortunately Its always the good ones. ;(

  19. The criminals didn't shoot anybody. Wouldn't have happened if the stupid store didn't call 911.

  20. To all that say the cops at fault, when u have served or have a family member die to a piece of trash then say something. I gave my life almost for this country as my family has for 200 year's in the marine corps. And u know what u all say the cops fault. No its called don't be here in 🇺🇸 bei g a criminal and this don't happen. U don't want law go to Mexico join them.

  21. Yes , the 2 thiefs are not blameless , but the police tactics were an abysmal failure.

  22. They dont speak english? How long have they been here? Was he legal to work?

  23. What happened to hostage negotiations? Pretty much just considered him a sacrifice.

  24. This story will forever be in my heart. 💓🙏🏼✨😇

    themselves, their own, their departments, their bosses, their city councils,
    and to prey on the public at every chance they get.

  26. What kind of training does these police get? Body slamming ppl to the pavement, shooting ppl in their houses after 1 second of telling them to get their hands up, now shooting a hostage lol.

  27. Start holding Politicians and Police accountable. Who thinks its ok to use civilians as shields? Who gave the open fire order in a heavily populated area?


  29. I think we should send ICE over to his house because clearly this woman is illegal

  30. Cops should've just followed the chase by helicopter. Simple as that. No guns or dangerous driving. The suspect will come to stop thinking no one is chasing him/her.

  31. if it was some dignitary involved, they would have stopped everything in brought in hostage negotiators and let it go on for days.

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