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Family of woman killed by sharks recalls daughter's last moments

The family of Jordan Lindsey, 21, who died in the Bahamas, spoke exclusively to “GMA” about the changes they want to see to protect other people from sharks.


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  1. Why does he have his hand on her leg?

  2. Baby shark doo do do do do do

  3. AHAHAAA and now let’s talk to the family who saw their loved one eaten by a shark

    seriously bro how awkward

  4. All reasonable steps were taken? Yea🙄 like sneaking them on last minute for an extra buck..mmkay

  5. I can't speak after watching this I'm going to cry out load. I'm so full of grief for your loss

  6. I love how the company’s post lacked ALL empathy. They were just like,”It’s not our fault. We did everything we could so you can’t sue us.” That was the subtext of it and zero compassion.

  7. Thats whats happens when u swim with sharks i can tell youll dumb ass how to not b killed by sharks stay the fuck out there watet an buy a fucking pool

  8. Santo de la pata mocha,,,,,, how tragic yo ,,, awfully way to go

  9. so very sad, I can't imagine the horror and nightmare this mother will go through for the rest of her life. They should definitely have had a medical kit at the very least. I'm sorry to say though that you shouldn't need to be warned of sharks when you're in the ocean; it's their home.

  10. Had no first aid kit wheres the damn lawsuit, they should sue those bastards!

  11. Well…the company did send prayers. That's about as useless as liking an update on Facebook.

  12. I do not feel bad for these people,they are swimming in the same water as sharks your in there domaine.wake the fuck up and realize you are in there feeding grounds tell her she cannot go in these waters.

  13. Im crying.i would want to die with my baby.can you imagine the mental trauma watching you kid being attacked like that and then dying?the helpless feeling.we live in florida and i always carry a large pocket knife into the ocean with me.not sure what good it would do but were not going down without a fight.i also dont let my kids swim.we just barely wade.when you go into any body of water your at risk. Rip pretty jordan 🙁

  14. The fine people of Sandy Toes suck cocks in Hell.

  15. This is why I stay out of the ocean and keep my human self in a swimming pool

  16. Kinda what happens when you dont take swimming in the middle of the ocean seriously

  17. My condolences to her family what a nightmare to have to live through!!!! Rest In Peace 🙏🏻🌸

  18. This breaks my heart in so many different ways💔 I’m praying for her family I’m truly sorry for you’re loss.

  19. I am so very sorry, inadequate words, but you should never have to see that. I lost a baby, got Hep c from blood transfusions and then liver transplant, the one thing this taught me is, God only gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. She’s beautiful, please believe me when I say you will see her again. Jesus loves ALL the little children. When I was getting my transplant my deceased grandmother(mom) was with me and talked to me the whole 12 hours I was in surgery, and she came to me a few more times. And no I was not hallucinating. Much love. You have been in my prayers

  20. I only swim in water without sharks.

  21. So brave of this family to speak out in their unimaginable grief. Thank you and may God bless you and comfort you all.

  22. my heart goes out to the mother. What she endured and will endure every day of her life tears my heart up.

  23. People call me boring when it comes to activities, but this is the reason why I don’t do any of this overrated & unnecessary shit. People like putting their lives in danger for some reason and I still don’t comprehend why. Rest in peace beautiful.

  24. U are in 🦈 shark territory it’s not surprising this happened sadly but true

  25. Sharks are monsters. They should all be wiped out

  26. My deepest condolences.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  27. yeah this will NEVER happen again thanks to this ground breaking reporting.Laws of nature of which we are apart. We are in the food chain.still sad and heartbreaking for family

  28. It’s possible the lack of a first aid kit was not an oversight, but deliberate. In our sue-happy society, I can imagine a scenario where a first aid kit could be interpreted as the employees having medical training, which of course they wouldn’t. So, if something in the kit was used or not used on someone appropriately by the staff, it could spell doom for the company. Sad, but not unrealistic.

  29. Devastating. . Rip poor young lady . I hurt inside to know u would have felt so much fear ,

  30. I feel so bad for this family, however, I can't believe that the thought of sharks being in the ocean didn't cross their minds. The father said that nobody warned them that there may be sharks but anyone who gets into the ocean should automatically know that having a close encounter w/a shark. The dive company should absolutely be held accountable for not having any medical supplies or life saving measures for tragic events such as this.

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