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Famous Test Debut: Glenn McGrath v New Zealand

Glenn McGrath was quick to show glimpses of the Baggy Green legend he would become in his debut Test at the WACA in November 1993 after playing just eight first-class matches


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  1. There have always been technically brilliant pace bowlers in Test cricket…. and then… there was the Pigeon… Inimitable… Uncompromising.. and DEADLY accurate.

  2. For me
    The Best Bowler😎

  3. Most dangrious wicket tacker
    No 1 good lenght bower

  4. Who is the no.1 fast bowler of all time some person says Wasim Akram. Some person says Denis Lilly some person says Glenn McGrath some person says currently Ambrose.
    But my opinion is Glenn McGrath or Ambrose were best.

  5. Look and the line and length from the very first match…This guy had hold this line from first ball to the last ball of his career…

  6. Is no body else gonna talk about the blind man leave at 0:38 ??

  7. There are always discussions about the fastest bowlers in the world where there is no mention of McGrath. He wasn't the fastest, but is perhaps the greatest of all time in terms of consistency. No batsman would ever want to face McGrath if given a choice.
    Salute Sir Pigeon.
    Can't miss the sarcasm of Greg Chappell as McGrath walks in to bat ,🀣 πŸ‘Œ

  8. My greatest seamer of all time.

  9. They should keep an eye on this young man he has talent!

  10. McGrath is simply the best fast & match winner bowler in cricket history ever….

  11. Now i know why austrailia won 3 times continuesly

  12. That photo of him when he came to the wicket wasn't the best intro tbh lol

  13. Likes to shoot African wildlife. Moron

  14. Glenn McGrath was a asset to Australian team

  15. Perfect line and length bowling

  16. One of Glenn McGrath's greatest abilities was how he was able to bowl with such control on any wicket all over world. A truly great bowler.

  17. Ohh man what a clueless line & length… And what an absolute Cunning and gifted player… πŸ’˜ loves you..

  18. McGrath and steyn has similar qualities, both bowl consistently same line and length. Difference is one bowl 10km/h faster than other.

  19. Plz..Aashiqui fans…plz support us…and listen our song dil ka alam…plz

  20. Best wrist postion from a fast bowler

  21. What a profile picture to use

  22. On the money from the first ball itself..😘

  23. That photo of him is awful!

  24. "He wouldn't be all excited about the photograph being used there"…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. Truly an Aussie legend! Proud of the pigeon . McGrath had true dedication and unrelenting
    Attitude that made the difference. Childhood memories. I am grown up and our stars 🌟
    Have grown older . . How sad ☹️. May the Lord (Allah) provide more happiness to my most
    Favourite cricketer along with Warnie .

  26. Lol the photo of him is priceless lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  27. I'd still rate Ambrose and Garner above him.

  28. Heart says Wasim
    Brain says Mcgrath
    I guess i would like to stay confused😘😏

  29. His run-up was smooth and he use to effortlessly bowl the deliveries. Seeing from far it may seem he is easy to play but the reality is million miles away from that.

  30. Is that the best profile pic or what

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