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Fans mourn the death of Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison

The acclaimed writer behind “Beloved,” “The Bluest Eye” and “Song of Solomon” was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Obama in 2012.




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  2. I just looked up people who died, and when I saw her, I was shocked. She will always be remembered. #RIPToniMorrison

  3. Thank god that Toni Morrison is dead!

  4. RIP Ms. Toni Morrison. Love your writings and speaking voice.

  5. As Ms. Chloe Wafford Toni Morrison ascended to the heavenly hemisphere, I surmised she have joined the ancestors laughing, joking, and rejoining with kinfolks. However- Morrsion will be immensely missed for her prolific genius writings, saged asture wisdom, her conscience voice on celebrating Black folks and moral cognizance for America and the international community. Morrison emerged as my favorite Black female writer and author novelist. She had a impeccable splendid way of employing the economy of laguage to spin, twist, formulate interesting Black characters, plots, settings evoking the reader to critical think. Sometimes at the expense of rereading sentences, paragragh, or the entire book to comprehend what she was asserting similar to working a challenging word puzzle or chess. Or- like a layered velvet layered cake with a myriad of dimensions compelling the reader to logically analyze, contemplate, and process all the elements that she used as a mavern story teller or elderly griot. As the South African bid farewell to love ones……… Baba Toni Morrison…..go well! P.S. My favorite novels of Morrison was : " God Help The Child" , " Mercy", " Bluest Eyes" , " Tar Baby", " Song of Solomon", " Home. " I could not read " Beloved" because it was too painful for me; however, the 🎥 movie " Beloved" was phenomenal with some superb dymatic actors and actresses. My mother and Upward Bound College Summer Program introduce me to Ms. Toni Morrison. [ " Tar Baby"- I initially did not like this book. And- ascertained Morrison to be too difficult to comprehend and read. As an adult, my literary passion had flourished; I re-read Tar Baby and others. And- gained a deeper comprehension of what she was really saying. ] 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈😢

  6. "We all die. The Goal isnt to live forever the goal is to create something that will."

    -Chuck Palahiuk

  7. It was only in Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved that I, as a white person, acquired a concept so profound it’s become a sort of template of understanding for me of how morbidly inhumane the human political animal can be and was during the American Civil War era.

    One example was the narrator’s note that the white northern states also hated black Americans but happened to hate any form of slavery even more.

    I began to see how this succinct summation of the ugliness of the politics of difference and scale can be applied elsewhere: e.g. they hate libertarians but hate liberals even more; they loath Semites but despise the Palestinians far more, or hate Hispanics but abhor the Chinese more so, etcetera, etcetera.

    But the novel also made clear that the children of slave holders had had their innocent minds terribly poisoned by their parents’ or guardians’ beliefs in their right to such living, breathing and suffering human “property that reproduced itself without cost”, like they were naught but farm livestock that could also be hatefully abused.

  8. oh wow. what an awesome artist and woman. you inspired us. see you down the road a bit.

  9. R.I.P Flying on the wings of angels into chariots ,escorted to the paradise of heaven.

  10. Nah.
    But I guess that means no "Beloved" pt. 2.
    That's surely a good thing, dispite the circumstances.🙄😊

  11. R.I.P. To one of the greatest aka Ms. Morrison, you will be missed but never forgotten 😇🙏❤

  12. She was a talentless racist who hated white people.

  13. RIP ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  14. Screw this dizzy wench good by felisha

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