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Farage: Clinton is in for a big shock

Former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage on Hillary Clinton’s comments about Trump supporters.


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  1. Your the one Hillery YOU ARE DEPLORABLE

  2. I'm proud to be a deplorable!! One more reason Trump will be POTUS 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. I don't want that EU flag, I don't want the EU anthem,I don't want this EU Military Union, I don't want this EU political class – I want the whole thing consigned to the dustbin of history.

  4. Anyone remember when Hillary wouldn't concede when way behind in the primaries in 2008 because as she said "We all remember what happened to Robert Kennedy." So basically hoping for an assassination of Barack Obama.

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  6. WOW did that come to back to bite her in the behind . BUT truth be told KARMA is a Hillary

  7. She is a sick and disgusting human being not much of human at that. It will be cause for a great celebration when the witch finally gets taken done. A holiday

  8. The left has cried wolf for so long now no one cares or believes them .

  9. Clinton insults Americans and she thinks that since she says that, it matters. Coming from a disgrace to the country at so many levels means something. She is only interested in money and all she can't get even if it means selling out the people of America. I don't like even thinking if she was president and her disgrace for a husband was first lady.

  10. farage what a man, founded a new politic partie in the uk and in 6 weeks on top of the ''charts;" already..

  11. Sounds like she lost her pirch in the white house. 🤔

  12. Clinton's a demon, and speaks with a fork toungue

  13. Deplorable Reign Supreme Now! Hillary's head will be in a basket.
    Post:June 2019

  14. now she insults the voters, she just does not get it! the american people will not elect a mass murderer as president. the only position she should hold is ,,,,,, next to be executed for treason and profiteering.

  15. Crooked Hillary has been evil for years.Bye bye😂😂😂😂

  16. Clinton, you are deplorable!!

  17. Globalists çondemn Nationaliists celebrate

  18. This is old news, investigate Hilary & her gang to the fullest and find the horrors she & others have been involved in…

  19. It’s time for real Americans to go old west on the politicians in Washington we need to tell them what we want done or they will be the honorees at a necktie party and no we won’t use new ropes when they take the short drop at a long fall

  20. It’s to bad it was trump that won but better then the alternative

  21. Yes shocking indeed. The treasonous hag has an appointment with

    'Ole Sparky!

  22. I agree Hillary Clinton Is deplorable and Evil . Not President Donald Trump.

  23. Real people now see through fake politicians.

  24. He formed the Brexit party for the dumb Euro elections and took a third of the vote.We’re fed up with leftist morons.

  25. Above and below journalism. She pulled out all the stops. Hmmm…

  26. I guess I am a "Deplorable Homophobic Racist Since I Voted For POTUS TRUMP!!!" Oh Well, "GO POTUS TRUMP GO KEEP MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN PTL AMEN AND AMEN!!!" "POTUS TRUMP N 2020 PTL AMEN AND AMEN!!!"

  27. She forgot Clintonophobic …

  28. Farage is a tool for Putin using  the nationalist card for dividing Europe and NATO.  It is the same with Trump, both supported by Putin.  More conversations needed now.  The "silent majority" is another phony thing.  The majority has never ruled if you mean the whole of the American people.  That is Democracy rule by national consent undivided.  Who gains by divide and conquer?  Some enemy usually like Putin.

  29. Mrs Hillary I am a Trumper and I was Democrats but know more. You can call me names if you want to. I will never vote dem any more. And I can call names but I want you see I am a Christian and I love my President and you to.

  30. Nigel Farage I would love him to become a citizen of the USA and become a Republican.

  31. The high tide of Liberalism in America was 1968; now the pendulum is at 50% with the demographic pressure toward conservatism……Freak -Out Time, for the Dems.

  32. Thankfully, this beast lost. She is STILL not the president. She just keeps on whining, while the American people keep on winning because she is not the president 🙂

  33. Get over it Hillary! You are never going to be president of the greatest nation in the world, Americans are not going to stand by and let you bring our nation down and bring our country into third world status!

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