Farage: The sheer level of disrespect Prince Harry has shown the Queen is 'appalling'

Former U.K. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage on the Queen canceling her appearance at the opening of Parliament, Prince Harry and Prince Charles’ global warming agenda.

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  1. Can't look at his little narrow eyes…. they show so much..

  2. Nigel is brilliant! I wish we had someone like him in Germany 🇩🇪

  3. I hope the grifters don’t show up for the jubilee. You now it would only be to cash in, since they lost the Netflix deal. And it would ruin the jubilee because the focus would be on them. And that’s what they want.

  4. Harry and Meghan wanted to dance and did. Now it’s time to pay the band. There is a price you pay for such total and horrendous disrespect for the Queen and Royal family

  5. king charles HELL NO he wants a new world order.

  6. Charles will do ok. But he ain’t no Queen.

  7. This is the beginning of the END of the British monarchy – Good! —Salutations from, USA.

  8. NOTHING says anyone has to honor their elders! Respect has to be EARNED! If a parent treats their children badly, the parent needs to remember that the child owes them NOTHING!
    The obligation goes from parent to child… ONE WAY! The child never asked to be born and they owe their parents nothing, especially if they are treated badly.
    As for the royal family, to hell with their "royalty."

  9. He hardly considers his grandma's feelings in all his ways of doing things. M gets, what M wants. M is more important than his grandma?

  10. ​ @Marijo Livitzky Marijo thinks Meghan Markle is an intellectual. What do others think?

  11. Harry and Will Smith has questionable judgement when it comes to women. Just saying🤷‍♀️

  12. God save and bless the Queen!

  13. Freudian slip: "The Crqueen" … cringe queen.

    Y'all are still over there giving deference to hypocrisy and serfalism, when dear Diana was the only one worth respect and tears. Or did you forget???

    Poor Harry was just hypergamized by that American witch. Who cares, he'll feel the burn, and learn, eventually, as a used up man.

  14. I wish Charles would step aside and let Will take over. Will is definitely ready!

  15. I love it that the Queen is still sharp as a tack!

  16. Have fun when your Father becomes King and won't be as patient and understanding as the Queen.

  17. He is a disgrace to the Royal family. Look at what he married into the Royal family. That is the problem right there. This is just the beginning.

  18. F…. the queen and Harry. They don't have any God given right to rule anyone
    You sheep

  19. Farage is a drunk I bet.

  20. Tarot reads a very, very short reign for Charles, that will be fine. The world can tolerate a year, but then it will be time for Diana's son, William, then Catherine's son, George.

  21. Absolutely agree with N about Harry and that woman he married. They don’t know the meaning of respect and have both disrespected the USA as well, but especially Harry who has the audacity to criticize our Constitution. He’s a guest in out country and critics and involves himself in our political. And if Harry and that wife think she will run for president here they are both in for a very rude awakening.
    They are the laughingstock here and Americans see them for exactly who and what they are….ungrateful and self absorbed narcissists.

  22. Harry has not only disrespected the Queen, but he has turned his back on his country, his brother, and, when Prince Phillip was sick, his grandfather. He is a disgrace!

  23. We don't want that idiot

  24. Why do we have to keep them? What did we ever do to deserve that?

  25. Fox News Nigel Farage Harry didn't go to Prince Phillip's funeral appreciate your 📚 Listening from Mass USA TYVM 💙

  26. I think Charles has a strong sense of duty. He learned from his parents

  27. Harry hiding out in America and we don’t want losers

  28. As we all know is how things should happen

  29. Harry has always been a spoiled brat.

  30. We don't want him either. Please take him back…into the dungeon

  31. the queens a colonial pimp, hes had enough of "duh queen", blame him?
    seems like she got that role, from a casting couch.

  32. Th the Queen is respect by millions except by Harry and Meghanasty !!! what is Britain doing about ??? absolutely nothing why????? only the firm has the answer

  33. Keep him in the states the 2 of them are not liked in the UK

  34. Harry is so repulsive EUGH, YUK, DISGUSTING

  35. Prince Charles will be a GREAT king!!! He's waited a very long time and has been nothing but the best SON, and the most EXPERIENCED REPRESENTATIVE for the Queen all these many, many years… And just look at who he's had for his tutor: Queen Elizabeth, herself! … "Patience" is a virtue–and we have to realize that and admit 'would we wait as long for any job or position like he has?' Nope! We would not! … And let's not forget, he's no spring rooster either; therefore, it's obvious and makes all the sense in the world that Prince William must be doing and learning as much official work as possible in preparing himself to be the king as well. The Envious Heinous Harry on the other hand has never done any serious prep work, and his thoughts would be to "censor everyone' as he cartwheels through the halls of Buckingham Palace while playing with his balls and crayons! In the meantime Megaliar Mehag will sit back and collect her freebees, as in, ultra-expensive clothes, jewelry and gift bags from only the best of brands worldwide; and when she's bored, she'll go around snapping everyone's head off just because she likes it and just because she can!

  36. Shows the depth of her devotion to her grandson ,as Queen is where it's at for her….not loyalty to her family
    But loyalty to being Queen….speaks for itself…..not everyone is awed by her

  37. Henry and his hag are a pair of vicious little shits. Not a soul in UK wants them or would dream of calling them Sir or Maam. Charles on the other hand is a good old stick and Camilla too. Charles will become King along with his Queen but I feel that it might be wise if the next coronation is William as King Charles could side step in favour of his senior son between the succession and the coronation, that is what happened when his great uncle abdicated. Not quite the same, as there would be no shame in Charles doing such a wise thing in a world where generation relevence is really "a must".

  38. Those two are the lowest of lowest, we certainly do not want them here for any event. We better not see them two traitors to Queen and country on screen here, I'll smash my TV and send them the bill! Go live in Africa where they said they would love to live 3yrs ago. Americans don't even want them never mind the millions of Brits. Go sling your hooks traitors!!