Farmer feeds crate of fresh meat to over 10,000 crocodiles #Shorts

A brave man in Thailand runs a crocodile farm business where he feeds fresh meat to more than 10,000 crocodiles for daily meals.

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  1. А теперь расскажите мне о человечности….

  2. Free the animals motherfuck######

  3. Its not dangerous he is making it dangerous

  4. Lo que no sabemos esos cocodrilos acabando en la mesas para comida

  5. Think of all those chickens that got diverted from KFC just to feed those monsters.

  6. Yea lil as gators not so dangerous

  7. So sad to think about their destiny. All animals deserve to be free.

  8. There are waaaaayy_yyy too many dangerous animals being continuosly fed & bred out here

  9. En dat allemaal voorr de verkoop en opgevreten worden schandalig en veel te eenzijdig voedsel Dat de dierenbescherming daar niks aan doet vreselijk walgelijk misselijk mensen 😢😢😢

  10. These does not look like chicken it looks like body parts of crocodile from leather factories.

  11. I know his wife has a huge insurance policy on him. Shes waiting for that knock at the door.

  12. These animals are baby crocodiles/alligators. This is a farmer who will kill them for their skins and meat. I feel sorry for them. I hope one grows up and eats the farmer.

  13. I wonder what will happen to the farmer if he ever runs out of food. 🤔 😳😳😳

  14. Oooft I'd be slingshotting them into the enclosure individually 😂

  15. Wait for them to get older

  16. This is how delivery guys feel when they have to deliver to niccas hoods at night.

  17. So he’s farming crocodiles?

  18. Thats me with my dogs when i feed them .. hehehe

  19. I think the chickens job is harder but he's damn good!

  20. Come back in 2 years when those gators 🐊 be all growd up! 😂

  21. That is not even close to 10,000 crocodiles

  22. Most dangerous??

    Stop the 🧢.
    They're babies!

  23. I guess they don't eat him coz they know he got the food !

  24. Toooooo many in toooooo small an enclosure. WTF

  25. For me it not COOL this is madness if they bit him

  26. I don't think you ever want to handle this job. I tell myself this. Since I want to be someone who's wise.

  27. Εκεί θα σας ρίξουμε Μητσοτάκη Παπανδρέου και Παπαρίζου

  28. Cameraman deserves more credit 😂😂😂

  29. Ελούντα – κολοκύθα…. είστε άξιοι της μοίρας σάς…οι αλυκές της Ελλάδας

  30. Cheaper to just raise Chickens for Meat !!!.

  31. That is so cool. What a lucky guy to have such an amazing job.

  32. The equivalent of this would be carrying a large pizza through the center of a weight watchers convention and emerging still in possession of the pizza.

  33. Not even 100 , where's the 10,000