Fatalities confirmed in Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge vehicle explosion

All four Canada-U.S. bridges over the Niagara River have been closed out of an abundance of caution while the investigation continues.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Crazy story about the couple.

  2. Achmed and Muhammud….I mean, a local couple who were identified as soon as two random bodies could be located.

  3. Maybe not terrorist, maybe car full of drugs, driver not going to prison scenario….

  4. Worth noting that the 2018-2021 models of the Bentley Flying Spur they were driving was recalled because the accelerator stuck.

  5. Car was stolen, drivers unkown….. FBI will say!!

  6. Guy just watched Harry Potter and didnt want to wait in line.

  7. Who wants to bet that the 2 ppl in the car were of middle eastern decent?

  8. This is the trailer …the main movie will follow pan USA…Barak and Biden are the cause — Wide open Texas borders… Hamas, Hezbollah and Jihadis have entered illegally across USA . GOD SAVE USA…

  9. Not one news source is saying who did it, these happy media people are sad

  10. So, you have absolutely nothing, 🙄

  11. Putin must be held accountable 🤣

  12. Could be a motor home explosion 💥 .

  13. It was two people hearing that it was time for their next jab and wanted to be first in line

  14. " every 'indirect threat towards The Empire' will be now considered a Class 1 Offence" – Col Wulf Yularen; seriously folks are we going to now treat car accidents as terrorism?

  15. Why won't they say what type of cari t was, who the deceased, what race?

  16. Did he yell Allahu Akbar?

  17. Here we go again More US Gov PRO-spiricy false flag like OCC was , Sandy Hook Blatantly was.

  18. what color are we referring to as the driver of this rocket

  19. A rather amateurish effort if it was supposed to be a terrorist attack.

  20. Cars don't blow up, they catch fire and will flare up when the gas tank goes, but they do not blow up like that!

  21. So pretty much just a car crash 🤦

    Way to make a big deal out of something that happens hundreds of times a day lol

  22. According to corrupt jocal, There is no evidence that this is a terrorist attack. 🙄 I don't believe that liar any farther than I can throw my house.

  23. Ploy of Domestic Terrorism or..
    The Holiday Blues —Somebody whom Can’t Manage their Mental Health & Emotional Health.

  24. Damn you! My cat Fluffy went over that bridge!

  25. Im from Toronto Canada and we can only speculate until its confirmed and for me personally thats facts 💯

  26. could also be as simple as someone rear-ending an old Pinto.

  27. Ted Cruz: thank god I’m no longer the fastest guy ever to flee the country

  28. It's a tense time because we have a weak president.

  29. And does everyone know that our government just gave itself a 41 percent raise for 2024 as the rest of us are barely surviving

  30. ABC, NBC, MSNBC are all lying

  31. They have all the lies of doing in their sleeve..just to blame others.👏👏👏

  32. Does this mean lockdowns, new rounds of anti-terror jabs, and being forced to wear propaganda headbands over our mandibles when we shop?!?! 😳 Noooooo