Wednesday , January 20 2021
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Fauci Speaks Out Over U.K.'s "Much Less Deep" Covid Vaccine Approval Process | NBC News NOW

Dr. Anthony Fauci told the U.K.’s Sky News that U.S. regulators were not in race with any other country to give approval for coronavirus vaccines.
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Fauci Speaks Out Over U.K.’s “Much Less Deep” Covid Vaccine Approval Process | NBC News NOW


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  1. Estratto dalla relazione 11 Dicembre 2020 contenuta nel sito della FDA, dal titolo: “FDA Takes Key Action in Fight Against COVID-19 By Issuing Emergency Use Authorization for First COVID-19 Vaccine”, relativa all’autorizzazione concessa per l’utilizzo del vaccino Pfizer-BioNTech nella fase emergenziale del Covid-19:
    ”At this time, data are not available to make a determination about how long the vaccine will provide protection, nor is there evidence that the vaccine prevents transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from person to person.”

  2. [Dec 10] \\ Contradict Me, If You Can, by OTHER, MORE VERIFIED NUMBERS-DATA [SEE SOURCES BELOW], not by one liners reading not more than one line //// COV-19 DEATHS in % FATALITIES OF THOSE DIAGNOSED in ~100 nations: [Nov 2] vs [Dec 4] vs [Dec 9]: <>Germany 1.97;1.61;1.67 <>NL 2.11;1.78;1.71 <>Finland 2.20;1.54;1.51 <> U.S.2.51;1.95;1.88 <>Brazil 2.89;2.71;2.66 <>France 2.69;2.40;2.44 <>Spain 2.89;2.72;2.72 <> AU 3.28;3.25;3.24 <>Canada 4.30;3.15;2.98 <>UK 4.51;3.59;3.54 <>Sweden 4.78;2.57;2.39 <>China 5.39;5.35;5.35 <> Iran 5.69;4.92;4.75 <>Italy 5.47;3.49; 3.49 <>Mexico 9.92;9.49;9.26 <> U.S EARLIER: 2.75 [Oct 22]; 1.95 [Dec 4], 1.88 [Dec 9]. Forget what the media is posting pre and post the Nov 3 election (to scare Americans away from the regime, deleting the facts that big numbers reflect U.S. BIGY POP, inflated hospital Numbers paid per .., improved detection tech/methods, people trust more to declare and real ''waves'' as we see here in the EU. THESE ARE VERIFIED GLOBAL NUMBERS REPORTED BY THOUSANDS OF DEDICATED DOCTORS, NURSES AND WORKERS IN ~ 100 NATIONS, collected from Johns Hopkins University, WHO, etc., PUBLISHED by RealClearPolitics, re-ordered historically here for 15 of ~100 Countries////

  3. What happen to the gold standard with the virus test. Results.

  4. Fauci traded on his NIH position to weaponize technologies for:
    – DARPA
    – Department of Defense
    – Navy
    – Army
    – Air Force
    …not to mention >>> the military of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth <<<

    Newly discovered whistleblower information reveals that the NIH’s Anthony Fauci is at the epicenter of exploitation of:
    – nanotube
    – nanowire
    – nanopore delivery systems
    …to weaponize all of this immoral biotechnology research

    Which leaves us these questions to be answered:
    Why is Fauci not a traitor to the American Republic?
    What is the full extent of Fauci’s loyalties to the British-American Pilgrims Society?
    How did Fauci get control of so much NIH funding to practice obviously fascist insider financing of selected companies and researchers?
    Why is the NIH funding nano-biowarfare?
    Why are Fauci’s activities not racketeering of the most hideous kind?
    Are nanobots from Harvard being used to spread Coronavirus? How? Where?

  5. Youre more than efficient doctor ,than here in our country.. "dito corrupt galing galingan pa"😁✌ and our system here PAHIRAP SA TAO eversince.😁✌

  6. Are any unserved medical conditions killing people…not covid-19?

    What protection will vaccinations provide? 4Health

    Beyond the Noise Biden crimes


    94.5% of what result…of what number of people tested for each vaccine?
    Before asking/requiring Public to take any Approved covid-19 vaccine… Make Public vaccine pretests and participant data as follows:

    What are:
    1. "All" ingredients in each proposed vaccine?
    2. Under what formats for each vaccine test?
    3. How many "Actual" people were tested in each test?

    For each Test:
    4. What were "Actual" results?
    5. What were "Actual" general side effects?
    6. What were "Actual" Sicknesses
    7. What were "Actual" Deaths/Causes

  7. Trump fire this man before you leave office

  8. Sleepy Joe thinks VACCINE shots is a new type of tequila. That's why he's making it mandatory.

  9. Results will be the winner ….not who’s first
    Get the vaccine
    But who Saves the most life’s

  10. A vaccine so safe that people need to be bribed and coerced into getting it.

  11. Government agencies, media, and powerful corporations are all heads of the same beast. Power corrupts; the individuals at the top of those institutions are likely not good people. Being suspicious of the fact that they want unlimited access to your veins does not make you a "science denier".

  12. I dont care what you think Fauci.

  13. This guy's full of it, UK has been looking and testing vaccine since Sars 1 – 10 years ago but this anti vac comes out within less than a year from US, i would just say do your own research, if it turns out that it's safe to take then great, but don't forget this was the guy standing beside Trump as he was telling ppl to drink bleach lol

  14. Its the old guy in the ending of "Reqium of a Dream"

  15. Oh, I see…… so taking 2 weeks longer to approve it means its safe then?

  16. Dr Fauci was the NIH AIDS Expert and after 30 years they are still looking for a Vaccine for AIDS. Read “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, to better understand the Truth about AIDS, COVID-19, CANCERS & other Diseases.

  17. urgently. Poison was added to the vaccine, and after that, if you survive, you will regurgitate, crap and cannot eat, move your limbs. vote no vaccination

  18. I know he ain’t talking, let the U.K. do our thing we don’t need no Americans telling us what to do

  19. Past tense. CDC was gold standard pre Trumpagedon.

  20. There is a covid corporate media problem. Bombardments of news of covid deaths, like the bodies are really falling from the skies. BUT WE DONT SEE THEM. Every "normal death" is qualified as covid death, while this flu has 99.7% recovery rate.
    Nobody is really thinking anymore.
    Its only the Believe in the media that deceive people into this Covid Believe System. But this Believe System is ripping all human universal right from humans.
    I believe i have the right to protect my body against foreign invaders like companies, governments. Where the human rights organisations in this ??????

  21. Disappointed in your reaction it has gone through all the correct stages,as a professional stop being unethical .
    Because the oxford vaccine will not make lots of money it has gone through all the correct stages.
    Without learning from each other per reviewing without bias.

  22. from the nation who brought you Oxtcontyn crack and methamphetamine.

  23. dr fauci why wont you tell americans this,the coronavirus can only make you sick if you have low glutathione,low vit and low vit d thats a weak immmue system that can only use cytokine storms all you tube dr shiva ayyadurai – vit c the power to save lives this man is americas enemy,hes the scientist in charge of americas immune systems health,america has more damaged immune systems than any country on earth

  24. The F D A is a gold standard in murdering people,Fauci is a big part of this PLANDEMIC hoax.

  25. So basically youre hurrying it up, but kinda slowing it down, but only a little, at the exact perfect speed that will make enough people happy but not over rush it. GOt it… Like a big ol pot of soup cooking, thats what we are..

  26. The fact he came out and retracted this makes me not want this vaccine! He definitely got an ear bashing for this interview.

  27. Yes, it is not a competition when Russia rushed in with Sputnik, when the Chinese pitches in with multiple vaccines, the Uk made partnerships, the US speeds up its vaccine approval processes, and India makes use of Covid to be a pharma hub. In between all the competition and cutting corners are a lot of human lives, and you still want us to believe in Capitalism? So, is it the cure or the competition, the vaccine or the profit?

  28. No vaccine with the name or number of the Beast. Lucifrase … 6666666. No way!!!!


  30. Fauci , Gates , Klaus Schwab and all Democrats should be in jail

  31. I'm not putting anything with Lucifer-ase, modified RNA, programmable nanotechnology, hydrogel, ever into my body. Common sense says no thanks!

  32. I hope every Trump supporters will take the vaccine so if there’s something wrong with it they all going to get it

  33. Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

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