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FBI and Justice Department investigate Jeffrey Epstein's death l ABC News

The embattled financier, accused of sex trafficking, died by suicide in his Manhattan jail cell less than 24 hours after 2,000 pages of new court documents and police reports were made public.

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When Jeffrey Epstein was born in January 1953 to working class parents living in a rented, second-floor apartment on Maple Avenue on New York City’s Coney Island, no one could have predicted the extraordinary heights of wealth and success to which he would climb as a Wall Street money manager.

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  1. Are so stupid Jeffrey Epstein was killed in his jail by 3 man stop fuckin lying stop this bolshite fuck you media fuck you in your ass coming out you fuckin muth

  2. He was either murdered to shut him up about our past and present pedophile presidents, or he's off in hiding. Possibly getting plastic surgery to alter his looks. Can you believe we've elected pedophiles to lead our country?!! What a bunch of dumb mothers in this country!!

  3. He's not dead!
    How gullible are people?

  4. Epistien had way to many bones broken in he's neck for the way his suicide could account for. Conspiracy? If so I say look at Bill Barr…

  5. any videos with ag Barr all comments are disabled! where are the crime scene photos… someone ask that fucker! your supposed to be news people ask a relevant fucking question or just shut the fuck up!

  6. Baseless my a**. I can’t even be angry at those words anymore. When everyone has made the connection that embattled ppl who surround Clinton’s in a controversial way end up dead.
    The “ baseless” accusation is now laughable. Look at the number and circumstances.
    Then read all over the Internet. People writing in many places about knowing what’s going on. You msm idiots wasting our time and money.

  7. Trump foiled Hillary's hit and going to arrest all in the department involved, it was foiled. Look at Rusty Shakelfords drone video taken at night when FBI raided it. If you change your settings on the video, you will see the video was taken the night of his supposed death, you see in the video an older man (Epstein) walking slow off a boat with military the military with two weapons on him stopped and makes Epstein walk in front of him down some stairs inside the island. He was on his island in the video shows him with the military under the cover of night. Maxwell has locked up already, she lured Epstein to the states to be picked up, so both of them telling it all. He is not dead, watch the video and you will see him the night he supposedly died getting off a boat with military and walking with them and going down some stairs. Lying fake news at its best you guys. They have taped recordings of the plan hit and who inside the prison involved. Also Meghan Markel was a yacht girl for Epstein,she was Hollywood call girl, her mother is not Doria, she knew Epstein and got him to force and blackmail the royal family for Harry to marry her, they needed someone who is in with the deep state and a good actress, they flipped her and she is and has been u.s. government informant she soon to be taken to protective custody, deep state +pedo wood+ monarchy, perfect set up, no one dares tells Epstein no, even the queen this is why they been blackmailed and is taking her charade she playing bringing celebs for wild pedo parties , she carried all her info while travelling in her fake pregnant belly, no one dared to strip search her upon entering countries thats how she got info out, she is bringing down the royal family and Hollywood with deep state. Royal family planning a funeral already so it will either me her and taken to a safe house which I think she already been removed, Andrew goes off alone with Fergie on vacation so if he dies you know he is arrested, they trying to save face planning the funeral to hide they a bunch of child torturers, murderers, kidnappers, thieves, sex traffickers and harry and Andrew both on the island with vivid pictures, harry with little boys, yea many going down, Gitmo has 100,000 cells open for business, you see dems so scared today they don't even have news but bullshit gossip, many today being brought in they cannot talk no more its a done deal bye-bye animals

  8. Love you NBC nightly news! 😍 u all. Lester is my favorite though I adore him 😁😮🙃!

  9. Read the Raven report he didn.t kill himself They tell everything.

  10. You people have no scruples & will LIE for money! Just like the ME & guards! & you think we're stupid enough to believe it! JE was "suicided" by monied "elites" who used JE's "services" & you know it! & BTW Pres. Trump did NOT associate with JE after 2004 bcuz he molested an employee's daughter (another LIE you perpetuate) but both Bill (26+) & Hillary (4+) names were on the flight logs! That you LIARS don't mention!

  11. they let the FBI and DOJ investigate epstein death? …hahaha..that explains the report of "Suicide".Do you guys trust these ppl.after everything we learned about them?

  12. The Corrupt investigating the Corrupt imagine that again and again nothing to see here

  13. No way did he break neck bones by kneeling forward to hang himself from his bunk. NO WAY! NOT POSSIBLE! He wasn't hanging. He was kneeled down and forward.

  14. FBI fucking boys indiscreetly

  15. ABC can always be sure to parrot the corporatist pedophiles' bullshit narrative. Get REAL!!!! MSM's ABC News is part of the cover-up of course. They say APPARENT where "ALLEGED" should be. NO doubting the narrative. NO Questioning….Just PARROTS! WHEN HAVE YOU QUESTIONED WHETHER HE'S EVEN DEAD???? BLOODY USELESS. But in another 5-6 years when news gets out, that Epstein is abusing kids in Israel and UAE, good ol' ABCNews will act as if they just had no idea how that could possibly be. ABCNews and MSM are headed by Pedophiles and Pedo Sympathizers. Bloody Zionist pigs.

  16. MR ROBERT DENIRO why and what were you doing on "EPSTEIN"S ISLAND " on several occasions .TIME WILL TELL.

  17. Ate we supposed to be happy that the people responsible for the death of Epstein, the Justice Dept., Is investigating itself? I will make a n early prediction. Epstein killed himself, as he screamed uncontrollably by choking himself to death, thereby breaking the hyoid bone which is usually the result of a homicide. We're there petechial hemorrhages? (Broken blood vessels in the eyes)

    Also, Epstein claimed he had been attacked by someone who was trying to kill him.

    Who said he tried to kill himself
    originally? Was that the prelude to the murder itself? The proverbial setup?

    Epstein was murdered. End of debate. Cameras malfunctioned my eye.

  18. I'm sure since the FBI is investigating, it will become as clear as paste. They're all a bunch of crooks.

  19. This Dan is missing the POINT! Face the fact. The death and chaos theories remind me of Kashoggi murder! Barr praised the SDNY! OMG, he hates them! Barr was lying. He knew it sounded stupid as soon as he said it. Barr just filed an Amicus brief on behalf of Trump in another case that had nothing to do with the Office of the Presidency! Get it together reporters.

  20. When will the Clintons be metioned?

  21. No evidence? That didn't seem to matter when you were telling us the Russian collusion lies.

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