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FBI director gives opening statement in Senate review of Nassar case

“I’m deeply and profoundly sorry to each and every one of you,” Christopher Wray said.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He sounded very sincere but he was in office when all this was going on You just don't get to be the chairman of FBI I'm thinking he is, I'm one day interesting

  2. Where is the apology to the families of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd? We don't see you getting on Jared Fogle or Harvey Wienstien. Where is the apology to the families of Tamir Rice? Trayvon Martin? Do those lives mean nothing to him? I can't even think of a word to call this guy without my comment being deleted. #blacklivesmatter #defundpolice ✊🏻

  3. $### fbi the main dog the law

  4. $#$# the chairman white house commander Tony stark USA

  5. $#$## fbi headquarters federal Blue pen 🖊️

  6. Prosecute those FBI agents immediately.

  7. You are wrong…The American people are NOT counting on you. They know you are corrupt and have no faith in govt because of you.

  8. The AG/DOJ must file criminal charges against the complicit FBI agents and the Olympic committees.

  9. I hope this will be a lesson to the Prince Andrew lawyers and judges.

  10. I'm sorry, I'm sorry…. What a lame excuse for his inaction over the years. Why is the guy still in office, mass suppression of necessary FBI investigations in the Trump era, complete failure to manage risk of the Jan. 6 rally, and in the Larry Nasser case likewise no prosecution of his employee's criminal behavior.

  11. “Totally unacceptable.” But so far he doesn’t say “criminal” or “prosecutable.” Hmmm. Let’s go on…
    “Fundamental errors” and “breech of trust,” as well. But no mention of any crimes. Okay, let’s go on.
    Now “failures” and “reprehensible conduct,” on the part of “certain FBI employees” not “agents!” Interesting, eh?
    Oops. That field office boss retired, so we can’t discipline him. But you were a prosecutor, weren’t you? Why didn’t you mention prosecuting him?
    Then he promises “accountability” but suggests that means “making damn sure nobody at the FBI ever forgets what happened here.” Does that mean there will be prosecutions of FBI agents? We’ll see. There are 36 seconds left….
    Nope. All he says is “that’s the best way I know to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again”—meaning more training, but no prosecutions!
    So remember here that he used to be a prosecutor. 1) did he forget that part of his life? 2) does he think we are that stupid?
    Conclusion: The corruption in amerikan government is so deep and thick that you can’t find a niche even to insert a paring knife into the problem!
    The Republic is dead. Leave the cities, go high up, and keep your powder dry! The official notification that you are no longer free will be made very soon! Expect it! JWC

  12. Wray> Sorry, You Should Resign.

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