FBI, DOJ were part of a ‘great hoax’: GOP rep

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., discusses former special counsel John Durham’s upcoming testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. They all are trader's and should be put in jail.

  2. Yes they were. We deal with them, harshly and in the open for citizens and the world to see. We need to rerurn to being the shining beacon on the hill.

  3. The new FBI and DOJ is a Hoax. They are a political Hack organization. Crime falls on party lines. Am embarrassment of The United States.

  4. And I wouldn't trust him if I could throw him 1". Christopher, him and the upper administration, is as corrupt as they come.

  5. I believe that Desants needs to run in 2028 for President of United States.

  6. Republican voters saying dept was created by deciples of DOJ reduction inflation act electric cars wind turbines gun laws invalid FBI collusion spies no negotiate gov business untill politicians are in court

  7. Hoax or treason? And you wonder why people hate the mainstream media.

  8. Trump you can't buy DeSantis is bought and payed now he owes favors…Trump 2024

  9. Defund both and lock them up

  10. The FBI is the modern day gestapo

  11. The green new hoax is making California broke

  12. Trump 2024 MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  13. A better explanation for their actions is called "Treason".

  14. Wray needs to be chains

  15. Need jailed,all of the corrupt deep state,garland,wray,comey

  16. we will never trust our govt or media.

  17. Definitely two words for Joe Biden Hilton Alcatraz

  18. 3 5 0 M I L L I O N S A M E R I C A N S W A N T F B I D O J C L E A N H O U S E !!!