FBI ‘Gradually Learned’ The Extent Of Classified Information Taken To Mar-a-Lago, Dilanian Reports

NBC News Justice and Intelligence Correspondent Ken Dilanian reports on the latest developments in the FBI’s investigation of former President Trump’s handling of classified information. 

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  1. Hi Kenny. How is everything at Fusion? And…. even if everything is “blacked out,” I’d still like to see it


  3. Why “gradually “? Should that type of thing even be in their realm?

  4. I'm curious too what is meant by a "set". Could be a lot or a little. It's not that important of a question but still it comes to mind.

  5. Like Kens voice and demeanor. So many of our newer news people have awful voices for listening to them. A good voice use to be a requirement for the job but I guess that has changed.

  6. Did the FBI ‘learn’ anything about the 30M documents Obama took with him?!
    No, huh? Wonder why ..

    America gets it now, don’t worry ..

  7. They “gradually learned,” because they were not actively investigating the Violent Insurrection. christopher wray is a traitor; he is complicit, and the proof is how he got his job. donnie dump INSTALLED HIM by CIRCUMVENTING CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT. CHRISTOPHER WRAY IS A PART OF THE COUP, duh.

  8. FAKE NOISE but what can you do when it's the new norm
    Trump Won
    was biden ever potus?
    obama 2.0 in the basement.
    berry even admitted it.

  9. Socialist love their secret police and political persecutions.
    USSR- United Soviet Socialist Republics
    Nazi- National Socialist German Workers Party
    Democrat- Democratic Socialism

    The Socialist philosophy has given rise to radical ideologies.


  11. Trump is the greatest threat to national security

  12. Not even a big deal! According to the constitution he IS ALLOWED to take declassified material & we don't have the right to know. Regardless of political affiliation stop the 🤡💩 show. Nothing is going to happen to Trump!!!!

  13. fake news needs a daily trump dose to keep ratings alive

  14. The medias sucking up to the 'Demoncrats' even calling this obvious multi agent 'RAID' in the dark as a search proves their bias.

    This fishing expedition including 'sniffing' Melania underwear metaphorically is bizarre …lol and has made Trump even more popular.


    The rest of the world use the word 'American' as an indicator of stupidity.

    e.g. What? are you joking, that's sounds American.

  16. I have been coming to Mexico for over 60 years. I live in Querétaro, and it is safe so far USA is deadly and expensive.

    I help non beggars and I do not beg. I can support myself with my pension, and. Living in Mexico. USA is too DEADLY and EXPENSIVE.
    I will be 80 in October.

  17. That's why the files were locked up according to the law 🤔

  18. Now, with all the Russians in the state of Florida, what makes you think Trump didn't show his allies (Russians) any documents.

  19. Gone Fishing for Trump fish

  20. Yes Trump broke the law again ! He has no respect for our country or our laws. Send him to Russia with his boyfriend Putin

  21. By Trump taking the documents, the intent to harm the United States is playing out in real time as we speak. His domestic terrorists groups are threatening to harm FBI agents for the legal search of his home to retrieve the documents.

  22. If you want to know who rules over you, see who you're not able to criticize.

  23. The best solution is to pray and after praying talk to each other about our need to invite God and His laws in our lives. This is another evidence that we need to come back to the days when it was accepted to discuss God's standards (according to the teachings of Jesus), of human morality in any American school. We need to pray and work with a great deal of zeal and intensity for a new FBI, a new Department of Justice a new American judicial system, a new government, a new American society giving us news commentators that that are fully aware of God's laws and feel highly motivated to observe the following laws given by God according to Leviticus 19: "Be fair in your judging. You must not show special favor to poor people or great people but be fair when you judge your neighbor. 16 You must not spread false stories against other people, and you must not do anything that would put your neighbor’s life in danger. I am the Lord. 17 “‘You must not hate your fellow citizen in your heart. If your neighbor does something wrong, tell him about it, or you will be partly to blame. 18 Forget about the wrong things people do to you, and do not try to get even. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. I am the Lord (Leviticus 19:15-18 NCV). For instance, when a high-level democrat politicians do something that is above the law or they say something that is found untruthful the FBI, the Department of Justice, the American judicial system, the government, and our news commentators, say almost nothing about it. But when Trump or anyone of his supporters do anything similar or less than that then we have an FBI, a Department of Justice, an American judicial system, our government, and many of our news media commentators throwing the books to the poor fellow. This is the path that Communist China, Russia, and all totalitarian nations took before overthrowing their government to replace it with a totalitarian system. This means that we are facing a real challenge. This is that with God's help, with His instructions given in the Bible and quoted above, we should diligently pray and work that the American government does not take the path of Communist China, Russia and other totalitarian nations took in the past that overthrew their government so they could impose a totalitarian system of government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz2bpTzeNmk

  24. Did any one say that Obama took over 30 million pages of classified information to Chicago and that a democrat nominated secretary of state had a also classified information under private property and no one thought that their property or house where they lived should be raided?

  25. Trump is selling secrets to our enemies, how stupid are Americans to not see it . He's a mole

  26. What possible reason would Trump have, to take any of these documents?

  27. Disgusting display of Trump support. Threats. Go for it. No one is scared to the point that Trump will not be prosecuted. Trumps political career is over!

  28. Ha ha, this is a blatant lie. The FBI was there in January of 2021 and again this past June. They signed off on the documents in his possession and even offered to help secure the premises.

    You people lie so often it's almost amusing. Remember when you lied and suggested Trump was holding the warrant? You knew he couldn't release a sealed warrant, only the DOJ could. But you people still ran a story suggesting Trump was hiding something.

    You are despicable pukes.

  29. I have a bad feeling that if they arrest Trump, then there's going to be another riot…

  30. You have to think like a dictator that he declassified documents.Put putin boy in prison where he belongs

  31. This one person named D J Trump thinks he is above the laws of America because of his actions wealth and freedom of expression,He is not and needs to be brought to justice of the laws of all Americans.

  32. I hate trump more and more everyday. trump took what didn't belong to him. trump is a criminal, LOCK HIM UP!!! IT IS TRUE WHY WOULD TRUMP HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT PRESIDENT MACRON?

    The gop had orban at their cpac, trump had the saudis at his golf course in NJ. trump had no business stealing those Top Secret Classified documents and then storing them in his moldy, cockroach infested basement.

    Even if trump declassified these documents that means the public can see them not that trump can steal them.

    trump's bff putin would love to get his hands on those documents.

    So back off your rhetoric corrupt gop and fox wish you were news pundits. you are playing a dangerous game in your unfounded defense of unhinged psychopath trump. trump and these pundits and corrupt gop are a clear and present danger to our country and our safety.

  33. @Neener Noodle Sorry this biased channel will not let me reply directly and is apparent by highlighting the comment so let me reply here.
    1: Dumb question, as someone with lower security clearance held twice in my life, that was pure rhetoric and speculation.
    2: No, his people left office, the order signed, if they were not accepted that means by proxy they weren't a threat.
    3: He should, under the law, have recused himself.
    4: If you didn't see all the Hunter videos I suggest you use Google for more than pornography.
    5: You need swat teams, helicopters, amphibious units, swat trucks, cars with emergency lights, and machine gun armed forces to go into a former Presidents place for documents like Al Queda?
    6: You must be making more than $75,000 with no business owner to make such a bold statement after 87,000 IRS agents "Required to carry a firearm and use lethal force, if necessary." as stated in the IRS job postings does not make you think they have been weaponized. Especially when there are less than 20,000 border agents.

    Nancy Pelosi 8/10/22 "China is the freest country in the world and a great example of democracy." If you want this kind of freedom, flights to Wuhan are currently $273. Democrats are allergic to facts, hate the American way of life, and have no emotional control. Nancy, on the other hand, did not pay $273 but was paid over $3,000,000 while speaking with Chips manufacturers she could further invest money in.

    You have very much proven my point that Democrats are allergic to facts and logic while having no emotional self-control. You did attempt nice storytelling based on nothing though, gratz.

  34. The $64,000 Question….Another Big Lie???

    Q. Why would Trump take 40+ boxes of classified government records to Maralago after the Jan. 6 count of the electoral votes. ??

    A. He thought that he might somehow still be President, for about half of the country, due to a possible civil conflict/war, and in that case would need some of those documents, since he would be running the rogue office at Maralago, even though Biden had "lllegally," (because the election had been "stolen") moved into the White House. So of course he couldn't attend the Biden inauguration. Further, Mike Lindell was predicting dates that Trump would take over as POTUS, and was somewhat believed, or hoped for by the MAGA base, and/or Q members. Crazy? Yes. Was Melania aware of the plan? Dunno…

  35. Must be hard to be a maga turd these days. Your God Emperor looks more and more like a naked pig every day and all you want to do is shoot your guns in a hysterical panic.

  36. Why were these docs hidden in the safe? Someone allowed Trump to have access to them and that person probably told the FBI. The FBI contacted him and his lawyers on at least 2 occasions to turn in all docs in his possession but deliberately left the ones in the safe; typical Trump, dealing with him is like pulling teeth, it’s the same thing he’s doing with the SDNY investigation of his business dealings. He will not get away with his shenanigans, neither will the stupid Republicans who are supporting this criminal. The man hates to pay his workers, he’s in debt and needs to pay up. The press is not helping either, they’re fueling his garbage and creating problems that aren’t there. Be journalists, professionals and not tabloid reporters.

  37. Didn’t Jared just get 2 Billion from the Saudi’s ? Just saying

  38. Trump LIES and LIES, come on, people, face what the situation is. This isn't new behavior.
    Yes, taking these documents is stealing, ffs.

  39. If I worked at the FBI, I’d be nervous too!

  40. Don the Con already sold copies to CHINA and MBS.