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FBI internet scam bust, Trump defends jobs numbers, Taylor Swift speaks out | ABC News

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  1. Stop saying Nigerian, WTF, scam can and won't stop, because Nigerian are smart they will come up with new ideas and not all Nigerians are scammers

  2. Well done Trump for arresting these idiots.

  3. first Chernobyl now this can't those Russian's handle nuclear material right

  4. Only poor Nigerians go to America for survival, I'm Nigerian and my father is Richer than Donald Trump. My father has never being to America and so will I keep myself too. America claim to be wealthy yet they cry blood because chicken change,$40mil. May God have mercy on America.

  5. Nigerians are known to be scammers and I have been a victim of a check scam, I’m scared to talk to the police bcuz he might come after me 😒

  6. If I assault a woman and physically harm here I get jailed. If it's a cop the action is reviewed.
    Every day we have power-hungry cops harming innocent citizens and nobody in the judicial system seems to care.

  7. Nigerian immigrants it's time to shut the door they are here illegally I guarantee it Nigerians get the hell out of my country all Africans need to get out of the u.s. they're all doing fraud Trump doesn't say anything about that does he legal immigration needs to go we have too many bad immigrants somalia's robbing and killing people we get the worst of the worst immigrants a Nigerian just murdered this American and got away with it they can't find them anywhere in Georgia the FBI should have been on this long time ago they need to look all immigrants in this country

  8. Are these the plp sent me fake email saying I won something?

  9. We are returning those money you guys stoled from us mehn, I wish this happened to Europe I would be more happy because they are blood suckers

  10. Nigerians its time to use your big brains to do better things this is so so so embarrassing! This is greed

  11. Lol the "Nigerians" have figured out a way to…
    That man is such a fool.
    'The Americans have figured out a way to kill Palestinians' how does that sound?

  12. Not saying I support scam but this was what white people did to Africans years ago, came and stole without remorse!

  13. Was the 12 year old surrounded by swat and armoured cars and about 100 cops with their guns all aimed at her while she is handcuffed. We all know how brave the cops are in the land of the brave and the free

  14. No mention of the burning Amazon??!!
    Good job, ABC news. 😏😞

  15. Obviously border control is needed

  16. Doesn't the guy look like the guy on SNL?

  17. I don’t like the white guy 🤨

  18. CBD does work, me and my husband both started to use this CBD oil. This is where we ordered for ours 420sciencemed.com it reliefs our pain and anxiety. If you suffer from any health issue you need to try it out 😊😇

  19. I told you guys Nigeria I caught you

  20. Destroy that useless building!

  21. Trump is the best president ever. Who is Taylor Swift? Answer: a nobody. Her "music" is just bad noise.

  22. Fbi doing something productive

  23. Best President In Years…Go Trump 2020.

  24. typical nigerians they give other Africans a bad image! Everywhere in the world where Nigerians are there is always a nigerian who is working on fraud

  25. Slavic women are still better than Taylor goofy swift

  26. Doesn't feel good being a Nigerian these days

  27. Who is this moron ex FBI guy? They don't hack emails, they just PRETEND to be the CEO or whoever on their own fake email.

  28. Sarah of course runs to fox 🤮

  29. Lol watching them high you see some racial comments or better say racial tendencies. First he says whale then shes says it and he corrects her then two people of the same race talking and to finish he says go get a pint..lol. …. Damn is it me? Or its that im high. Then in a certain tone he tells her that her bear is doing nothing and then he comes with the puppies…. dammmmmn im tripping lol

  30. How much more damage are we going to allow this psychopathic moron  Donald  to inflict on our world?

  31. They should try to give those ppl their money bk. I’m sure they have not spent those millions of dollars. Hell interrogate their ass. But I’m glad they got them.

  32. I cant believe the safeway workers reported it. Im sure some are missing. Had it been walmart it definately would not have been reported

  33. Nigerian illegal immigrants have to go back. See ya!

  34. Don't make the black kids angry!

  35. I swear Trump is our President, weather you like it the man or not, believe me i really dislike him , but i know when someone is great for out economy. especially when he was never a politicians.the man makes deals, and negotiates on a daily basis. he gave up making mad money to help our country. he did not become rich through mom and dad. he did this with hard work and is showing his kids the same, I would say as Ivavanna raised them they have the best of both worlds because trump molded them into being like he is in the biz. and she taught them respect and honor. i think this is what we need. trouble will always be in our way but who better than Trump, who once again i can care less that i dislike him, he still the best man for the job.

  36. It's about time they crack down on those Nigerians.
    Unfortunately, even more will replace them…😒

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