FBI investigating Georgia bullying incident

Georgia police are investigating a disturbing case of bullying that left one teen in a hospital. The FBI has also joined authorities to determine whether charges will be filed. NBC’s Morgan Chesky reports. Warning: Some viewers may find the following video and images graphic. 
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  1. Start putting kids who bully behind bars and see how fast the word of mouth spreads like wildfire, especially among kids. That’ll stop because currently it’s only getting worse and worse as the videos go along without any accountability because they are “minors”

  2. Now if someone in his position was to retaliate, ppl would say their in the wrong. Smh Absolutely disgusting how ppl can treat another human being like that. So tragic.

  3. That is beyond bullying, and I hope those that did that to him are not only charged with attempted murder but karma comes back to them 10 fold.

  4. Those bullies are your future lawyers, police, politicians……..

  5. Why did they bully him

  6. Speak up? Their faces are clearly shown in the video. LE can find them. This shouldn’t have to be a manhunt.

  7. I don't know why the news is always blurring out the culprits what's the point of reporting it if you're just going to blur out their faces.

  8. These are the type of people that don't deserve to breathe on this planet

  9. Bullying is serious it made me wanna hurt people man stuff not cute nor cool… Anyone that hurts a bully real bad shouldn’t be charged with nothing .. but people that bully need to pay a fine of $2000 or be put in jail .. ITS NOT SOFT NOT TAKING IS SERIOUS IS AMERICA PROBLEM RIGHT NOW ..

  10. Wow. You are looking at the manifestation of evil in human form. That's disgusting.

  11. You can tell a lot of these people in the comment were pansies who were bullied.

  12. It shows the way these boys were raised

  13. He drank the alcohol himself….. They didn't force him to drink alcohol.


  15. Criminal. Charge them all.

  16. Melanin kids torturing non melanin kids

  17. I'm proud to know my son would have never stood by and watched this happen. Sorry excuse for parents. I pray they all go to jail.

  18. I though we had to ban on torturing people?

  19. If the people that get this don't have charges filed against them, there are gonna be issues. There are gonna be riots that's ridiculous.. we can just look away from that type of behavior, and the kids need to be held accountable for that fact. Our standard needs to be set and other kids out there need to see that there are repercussions for your actions and maybe this will stop happening.

  20. Hate falls under the mistreatment of others.. as long as there are broken homes there will always be hate

  21. The kids that did this… their parents must be very proud.

  22. The Devil went down to Georgia….pretty place with effed up culture.

  23. Will Marg show up here with big tears. For the Guilty.

  24. Those kids are Torchering this boy put those boys away in Jail ..

  25. What? Why are they calling this bullying! This is heartbreaking.

  26. Those aren’t just “bullies” they’re psychopaths and need to be arrested immediately 😡

  27. My state made it legal to bulli LGBT kids.

  28. This is how you get shooters. 🤦

  29. Lol Minors have been identified, but no charges filed probably means they're children of powerful people. They already fit the profile of one of the most protected demographics within the justice system; wouldn't be surprised if this goes away over time without any trial or sentencing at all. "God bless America." 😂

  30. Lol. Why does he keep being around those who do this? Sucks this happened but he put himself in that situation. Boo boo

  31. I’m not subject versed in law but does anyone know if the victim himself press charges on all of the assailants? I know the fbi is investigating but I find it unacceptable that the kids aren’t in jail after a week. Again please don’t be nasty about my question again I’m not familiar with law just healthcare lol

  32. Lock them up and let them get bullied…..

  33. They aren’t bully’s they are his friends right kids mom that’s what he told you but I bet he didn’t listen you right kids mom

  34. Well we live land of the free home pf the brave. They the law doing nothing for the victims of this country.

  35. This is a good example why police department should do there job are be charged for leaving people defenseless

  36. This is heartbreaking 😢 I hope those kids pay for this. You're worth so much and loved Trent.

  37. so what are schools doing about all the bullying?

  38. I pray for him and the family so sorry

  39. I hope they pay for what they did too that poor guy they are heartless doing that to some one who just wanted too fit in and too do such ignorance to him


  41. Sounds like dude needs new friends

  42. That is classed as bullying ? come on.