FBI investigating potentially illegal foreign donations to NYC mayor’s campaign

A federal corruption investigation is scrutinizing whether the Turkish government benefited from donations to New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ campaign, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

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  1. Running the city and running crooked finances could catch up to you sad to see corruption at this level . I bet the mayors answer is i did not know

  2. Corrupt like his daddy BIDEN.

  3. Adam’s suffers for calling out Biden’s disaster at the border. Our DOJ is the new KGB.



  6. Oh yeah, this video gets a thumbs down 👎

  7. It's quite obvious his relationship with biden soured, and now they're investigating him

  8. How about DOJ protecting Jews here who are being assaulted here by Hamas and Nazis here!

  9. FBI finally going after real crook! ——–

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  11. Just remember Eric, don't cross the "Big Guy" or the Feds will come knocking on your door!

  12. I knew he'd get caught taking money. I just didn't think it would be this soon.

  13. Next, inspect how all these companies were awarded contracts that provides services to migrants. So far, in Fiscal Year 2023, NYC has spent $1.45 billion to help migrants · Much of the cost has gone toward providing shelter, food and services.

  14. ABC, Tell us what happened to Israel that started this war, God sees you and hears you.

  15. First he was incompetent now he's corrupt

  16. But they won't investigate the corrupt Biden clan.

  17. Anybody else think it’s funny they didn’t have any problem with Adams up until he started going against Joe Biden?

  18. Oh, look, there’s another Democrat who’s taking money from our adversaries! Why am I not surprised?

  19. Serves you well for turning your back on your people. Now go out there and keep buck dancing for rhose people dummy.

  20. , The criminals will be caught 😮😮😮😮just like the bidens, you don't have 150suspiciouse, activities in bank accounts, if your being honest joe 😮😮😮😮

  21. Gee, a Dumocrat getting illegal funds. What a shock – not.

  22. Probably the corrupt Biden DOJ going after Adams because he saying bad things about Joe Biden and the migrant situation in NYC! The Biden crime family is like the Gambinos!

  23. Guess he is on his way out.

  24. If true, very disappointing.

  25. Eric, let NYC down with his over crowed Ilegal Mirgrant now it hitting him.back😅😅😅2024 Trump

  26. He looks like the a- hole dishwasher at my former job, lol

  27. This is what happens when you rail against Biden's handlers and their policies. They are making an example out of this man on what NOT to do.

  28. Lots of democrats being put under investigation lately including the US president but republicans will still claim that the system is politically rigged and biased against them because their cult leader also is under investigation.

  29. More proof the fbi is being weaponized by this administration

  30. 'did any of those things the state had said was funded, happen to the respectable dollar amounts?' proooooobably nottt.

  31. Did he get money from aipac?

    Those are terrorists 100%

  32. What about an investigation into all the dark money flowing into the Republican party? Why aren't they investigating all of the dictator loving maga republicans.

  33. Everyone using the word regime, look up the definition. You’re using it wrong. 🙄