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FBI joins investigation into police shooting of Ohio Black man

Casey Goodson’s family says the gun he was accused of holding was a sandwich. ABC’s Megan Tevrizian reports.

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  1. This sounds like an intentional murder. How do you mistake a subway sandwich for a gun ? Why these cops just don't get arrested right after they shoot someone why they always gotta be put on leave. The whole justice system is messed up.

  2. It needs to be mandatory that all cops turn in their guns. Get the real killers off the street.

  3. he is black in America we dont knw the outcome for him as a black man .He could end up losing is life just for helping someone. Mind your own business and call 911 and let them handle the situations. Nowdays as a black man in America you life is at risk alll the time and for a mistake of being kind as soon police comes end shot dead by Police. They could have shot him ..thinking a robbery in progress..as we know white cops dont have commonense or basic schooling and most are MAGA and racist and baised…they will ask what is that blackman doing interacting with white man.SMH america is really disgusting place

  4. This is fucked up but gotta listen to the police man

  5. The typical excuse of I thought I saw a gun. How long are we going to let them get away with that as a catchall excuse for when they screwup? Why doesn't that department have to wear body cameras?

  6. A very stark difference between this young man Casey Goodson and kyle rittenhouse. Goodson was carrying a sandwich that was mistaken for a gun but He got gunned down anyway, as for rittenhouse he was carrying an actual gun but wasn't gunned down he just walked in a crowd of cops and got high fived. Casey Goodson was licensed to carry a gun but didn't have it on him but He got shot and killed in his own front door, as for kyle he didn't have a license for the rifle he bought nor was he required to at his age 17 but he took he gun drove to another state to kill someone and he has people to back him up financially for legal fees. Only dark hearted human beings would deny the realities of these two young men.

  7. That cop should get a murder charge.
    Even it that guy showed the cop his gun.
    That doesn't give the cop the right to chase him and shoot him in the back.
    The Ohio government and legal system is full of excops.
    They do a great job at protecting each other

  8. Holding a sandwich , police say it was a gun ? That's murder

  9. all these liberals complaining about body cameras and wanting to defund the police where they wont be able to buy body cameras or training. And no matter who you are, you must listen to the officers orders otherwise things could go bad. AND WHY WOULD YOU BE WAVING YOUR SANDWICH OUT THE WINDOW???

  10. And people say all lives matter, wow this is America .

  11. This is why we need funding for the police to afford body cams. Then dirty cops can be punished by others outside the police department.

  12. I would guess,. if I had to guess, that it was his phone he had in his hand and he was listening to music jamming to it. And my other response – must have great eyesight for your age, if you were the one that saw him. Because I have even looked twice and still thought I've seen a gun in certain people's hands. And it was their phone my friend. Now whether or not this be the case in this matter, only those who decide can tell.

  13. People just don’t seem to get it! Comply or get shot! It’s that simple!! I don’t feel sorry for the kid. He’s dead as a doorknob and it’s he’s own fault!


  15. Yeah he was waving a subway sandwich around and got shot. Lmao stfu… it’s too bad we don’t have the footage. It wouldn’t stop people from rioting, but it show these POS were lying.

  16. Just another color person killed by police. Hard to justify the fact that it isn't about race when earlier this week a white man ran over a cop and was released with no bail and now being treated as a hero

  17. Here come all the racists…
    Let me guess:
    1) All WhYtEs are WayCiSt…
    2) All WhYtEs are PrIvIlEgEd…
    3) No WhYtE has ever been the victim of WaYcIsM…
    4) No WhYte has ever been EXECUTED by a POC Officer…
    5) All WhYtEs are…
    When you pretend to be anti-racist… by promoting more racism, it defeats the purpose.

  18. I can't wait for the VIDEOS and other EVIDENCE of this event to come out…
    But, I'm sure it'll be buried underneath the COVID Plandemic and the Voter Fraud.

  19. So lucky I don't live in America like everything about America is fucked

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