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FBI posts serial killer’s jailhouse confessions l ABC News

Samuel Little claims he killed 93 women from 1970 to 2005, and authorities hope his confessions jog people’s memories and lead them to identifying victims. READ MORE:

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  1. FACT CHECK . He was convicted of 8 . Gary Ridway was convicted of 49. Nobody takes the word of a maniac killer as a conviction .

  2. He killed more than Bundy, Dahmer and Gacy combined? Oh great so now blacks are better at serial killing as well. Egotistical bastards. Couldn't they just be content with basketball and trackrunning etc.? They had to take this from us too?

  3. Iceman still reigns smh…… do a fact check

  4. Most prolific serial killer that they know of.

  5. He a piece of shit . Let him rot . But he ain’t draw those pics . Facts

  6. He will burn in Hell. No free room or board there. Just pain and fire and loneliness.

  7. So why was that guy still alive❓ I say they need to give him the Epstein Special Treatment☠

  8. Sick pos. Why did he get off with it for so long?!

  9. Propaganda is all this is!!

  10. Warning a serial killer driving a white rental U-Haul van has been seen talking to customers of three businesses in Las Vegas.. Rumors and customers of the businesses have spoken of disappearances of people from the parking lots of the Las Vegas Eagle and the Badlands LV.. When in Las Vegas avoid those areas due to the amount of violence and the disappearances..

  11. He speaking like it’s normalized to be a serial killer and I wonder what drove him to kill
    All those women……rip to to the women
    Who lost their lives for nothing 💕

  12. My wife's cousin was one of the victims here in Lubbock Texas

  13. 1 question…why are they talking about a prisoner that's co-operating with the feds? Him not being in a position of power in his era drove him crazy and the only way he felt better was by having power over another person weaker than him aka a woman. He has a mental problem just like a rapest where they feel so weak that they need to have power over someone. Just like a power hungry boss.

  14. He smiled when describing killing…

  15. I’m surprised ABC News is covering a black perpetrator

  16. Was he ever in Los Angeles. We have a unsolved murder in my family. a cousin she was 15, in 1970s body found at the New Year parade in Pasadena , say she put up a fight, hands tied behind back. Her mother died this year so she been in my thoughts. Her mother worked for police department after her daughter death, they say the records were destroyed..

  17. I thought Jeffery Dahmer was the most notorious serial killer of all time.
    This Satan is far beyond

  18. MONSTER!!! A REAL LIFE MONSTER… those smiles are gonna be paid in full after his life is over 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽

  19. Glad he was caught. A cautionary tale for ALL women. Didn't like video, although it's useful in showing THIS killer had no remorse and enjoyed sharing his exploits. All victims' families deserve closure. Once he's dead, that will be the end to unanswered questions.

  20. Our tax dollars should not be used to keep this monster alive!

  21. Someone need to put a hammer in his fucken head

  22. 🙄😱😱😱😱 Honestly he may have lost count.😖

  23. Wait..what!? The most prolific serial killer in U.S. history is BLACK!? My world just flipped upside down. I wonder how many FBI profilers got this one wrong. It has ALWAYS been assumed that every serial killer was a white guy…guess the manual will have to be rewritten…lol

  24. He s already old.. What a long confessions to sin. Dangerous man.. Spreading the words means lots to world. Don't hate.. Just peace.

  25. 6000 native indian women are missing, there are real unsolved crimes against them!! Hopefully FBI will catch him!

  26. This piece of shit should be killed in the electric chair. The lethal injection is just going easy on him. Bastard killed only White Women. Imagine if this was a White man killing only Black women.

  27. Wll there goes all of the White Men are the biggest serial killers jokes. Show this to Don Lemon.

  28. If he was white there would already be two movies and a comic book.

  29. GG! He sounded as if he's enjoys his "craft" for breakfast. How utterly gross!

  30. Why is his old ass still alive?

  31. Kudos to the FBI for not just catching this murderous horror of a man but
    also for still fighting for justice for all the victims! 💖

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