Thursday , February 25 2021
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FBI prepares for Inauguration Day, institutes security lockdowns | WNT

Days before President-elect Joe Biden is to be sworn in, the FBI is bracing for a “substantial threat” of bombs and violence against Congress members.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. 25,000 troops to shoot and kill your own brothers ? Wtf

  2. Notice Razer wire is attached to fence tops facing inward? So it’s meant to keep people from getting out not to stop people getting in?

  3. Yet Trump goes about his business not arrested! Da’man always dances away while the little man pays the band!

  4. I feel bad for the cop who got crushed in the door

  5. Military style farewell??? A lil suspicious if you ask me

  6. Trumps last sensible thing to do is painting the frontal columns of the white house with rainbow colors representing the races of immigrants..USA is not a civilization but a perpetual immigration…

  7. Nothing will happen, if it happen, will be different location where no military there. Is all over the news. Who would dumb to do it there.

  8. What good is all the Calvary if some of those soldiers can too be on the same agenda as the rest of those idiots.

  9. All the trump mob that attack our capital they should send all of them to jail it is a disgrace that these American attacking their own country, is this behavior making America grate again? what a disgrace they have no shame , trump the cult leader an his ENABLERS lie to the America people from the begining and brain wash them .the q anon the white surpremises all of them should be sent to jail or to alcatraze , if convicted ,it is a darn shame , we are better than this,, trump is the culprit and all those who believe in this man the cult leader it's a disgrace , he want you to believe that the election was stolen it was not stolen. it was a fair election he wanted to be dictator like Putin and the rest ,wake up ? trump is the one wanted to steal this election no one else. and all those people who took part in this coo should be jail because you know what they were doing? and some be sent to alcatraze with their cult leader TRUMP let them worship him to them there is no other god but trump so let them follow him to maralago an call on him to bail them out from jail

  10. our Troops. And take care everyone Thank you Jesus. In Jesus name.i.pray Amen

  11. Trump is hiding so nobody knows where he is. He's probably telling one location, and going to another location, and from that secret location send out hits and attacks on the White House or U.S. Capitol, so they can't find him or pre plan ahead so there is less of a chance stopping, the 5-day silence was plotting and he's keeping his plan to himself. He is going to use those pardon's to excuse the federal crime which is a hit and attack…..thats why he's leaving early. His Military send off crew is going to be part of the crew thats going to defend him against the crew of soldiers defending the White House or U.S. Capitol….Its going to be a suprise attack. He's not going to be there for the inaugeration but they may multi-task and do the impeachment on the same day, so he's trying to hide and avoid impeachment and send out an attack. Or he may pay a suprise visit to the inaugeration or show up at his impeachement, so he can order a suprise attack. Or he may use the pardon to excuse the federal crimes he's getting impeached for, and for the hit and attack he's planning. He probably has some U.S. Capitol Officers on his side as well, and regular cops and more supporters who riot.

  12. What if trumpturd is trying to have that send off rally. To take as many solders away from the capital or guarding Biden….ugh this is so infuriating. What he’s done to our country 🤬🤬🤬🤬 and still there is (allegedly) 74 million people that voted for him

  13. A black man saved pence and his family from trump supporters. Irony

  14. so they were a ragtag mob of anti cop + pro armed forces

  15. make an example. throw the book at em…
    but they wont. 🙄😔😔😴

  16. Officer Goodman is a hero. All of these other fuckers belong in prison.

  17. These officers are heroes, I hope these far right white supremacist terrorists end up in gitmo

  18. Whoever the woman talking needs to get her facts straight. The 2 in the building the man was in Pelosi office not pence. Get your names straighten who was where.

  19. Isn't the inauguration virtual? Why do they need all these troops? The Democrats are so hypocritical and ironic…

  20. Can you imagine what a psychopath would even kill his own vice-president?

  21. Nobody arrest antifa because they dress like ninjas….very smart move!😂😂😂😁

  22. Facts found in the US presidential election.

    The fact that the American media did not tell the truth and was the puppet of the ruler of the times …

  23. ABC NEWS😂😂😁 FAKE NEWS. Drama Cry babies 🤦‍♂️

  24. Who ever participated in this you can go fk yourself!

  25. Look at that guy. Hitting. Like. A girl.

  26. Yaaaaayy .finally. Thank. You. Fbi. Ur my heroes. Thank you. So much

  27. FBI = FUCKING BIG INSULT, big waste of time and money on this branch of government that is supposed to protect the tax payers of America.

  28. Military he plan for himself Trump ! He a Trip !.bye Trump ! U won't be missed !

  29. Cant wait to see 100 snipers on the roofs and the 100 we can’t see

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