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FBI warned key document in Manafort case may have been fake: Solomon

Award winning investigative journalist John Solomon says the FBI warned that a key document in the Paul Manafort case may have been fake.

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  1. This is old. Everyone knows the deepstate Demrat traitors targeted everyone associated with Trump while giving immunity deals to all Hildabeast associates. No bias here. Nice how desperate Demrats don't care about crimes that their members commit, but whine the blues over fabricated crimes of the opposition. Hahaha

  2. I place James Comey under citizens arrest.

  3. Every one with a brain know that every one that helped get Pres. Trump elected is a target of the deep state and their agents of evil deceit. It's about time that the table I'd turn and start indicted these deep state corrupt operatives. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡±πŸ‡·

  4. Without public executions there can be no America!!!! M A G A 2 0 2 0

  5. The entire Russia probe was fake from day one.

  6. Manafort case β€”- The legal principle regarding the 4th Amendment, the β€œfruit of the poisonous tree.” If the warrant was created illegally and by the result of illegal warrant caused a search and finding that brought the evidence that convicted Manafort, the conviction must be reversed. The fruits of an illegal warrant will be constitutional grounds to reverse Manafort’s conviction. This should be interesting. This is embarrassing for Mueller; failure of leadership as special counsel.

  7. This is all disheartening, our very own U.S. Citizens, Trusted FBI, NSA, CIA, Top Officials including Clintons ….Trump will pardon Manifort & Flynn

  8. I think Meuller fraudulently raided Manafort' s house and office Free Manafort!!!!!

  9. The FBI produced FAKE evidence to get Manafort…..Trump should Pardon him


  11. Lois Lerner used the power of the IRS to punish those she disagreed with on the basis of ideology. Her consequence, retirement with pay. The leftist rot at the top of our government and most of the media, may continue to protect the traitors who attempted a coup on the president of our republic like they did with comrade Lerner.

  12. How the hell can Democrats expect to be reelected

  13. The f.b.i. is a bunch of communist criminals. Always has been, always will be.

  14. I fear that if Trump doesn't win reelection this will all be swept away. There's dozens of people who should be headed to prison or termination at the least.

  15. *The powers that be, r being exposed to the people, the ones still asleep, sadly need to ask their Powers that be, (God) to open their eyes so they can c the truth before it is too late. Thank u, Lord Jesus, Amen … *Wow, watch out 4 the fake news, lol please watch how they twist the news u will c them admitting their own guilt … this is sad to watch, look to c who r the real enemies of the people!!! ty Lou 4 always being real

  16. Does anyone think for themselves anymore? Thoughts by proxy are a stupid persons choice. The guy is selling a book and your all taking the bait.

  17. No matter how you slice it you can't keep trump out of jail when he looses in 2020, smoke screens don't last.

  18. They should all lose their pensions first, then see them all go broke by paying lawyers for their defense, finally jail them. None of them should ever be able to profit from this whole experience. No books, TV whatever. Break them in every possible way.

  19. Reparations for Manafort from the pockets of the dirty dozen.

  20. DOJ & FBI Have proven that they're enemies of the state. Defund the useless FBI & doj STAT!

  21. Accountability will eventually come from the end if a gun. We all know these bastards will never be prosecuted, hence a justice system for the rich and the liberals. Lock n load people. Its coming.

  22. ????? whaaaaat…stopped watching movies and series, to borring compared to se swamp draining real time….

  23. The CIA was running all of this. Up till now they have kept the spotlight off of them.

  24. Think of the crimes that America doesn't know about by these bullies with badges.

  25. Wow. The only corrupt figures revealed are the investigators.

  26. Don't know if it's possible, but would love to see all these "fakers" sued. Hit them where it hurts most.

  27. Sounds like a Weisman move to use the False Information to target Manafort.

  28. What Manaford is guilty of NO ONE goes to jail for, they pay restitution if there is any owed and community service and maybe a short probation. Manaord served any sentence NY thinks is fair many times over. "FAIR" means treat him like everyone else who did the same crime. THAT is not what is going on. I hope Manaford lawyers file the lawsuits immediately, and against NY as well. There is NO reason Manaford should not be out on bail. The persecution of this man should be stopped.

  29. Terrible logic with these cops who don’t like saying β€œdirty cop” because you know great ones. β€”The dirty ones make you all look bad and it’s in your best interest to root them out and get them out of your ranks. Dirty cops are the worst kind of criminal because on top of the crimes is the betrayal of trust. To hell with dirty cops and those who pretend they don’t exist.

  30. President Trump is a LAW AND ORDER President. Keep him in office for another term and we will see a real difference in the direction of this country. Hire any of the Dem Socialists running and it's GAME OVER for this country!

  31. Totally curupt but who started it the. Clinton's or the Obama's keep digging

  32. What these investigators did folds back to the antics of the NAZI`S in the 30,s.

  33. John Solomon may fall from a 10 story window.

  34. Thuggery in the US by government figures

  35. Everyone knew mueller's reputation for getting who ever he goes after. He has put many innocent people in prison that took years to prove their innocence one died before he was proven innocent. And he has done the same thing to manifort

  36. This only means that if they want to get you …………. they can Epstein you any minute……and there’s not a F’ing thing you can do about it.


    WTF ?????????

    Time to get rid of all these agencies who are acting as our protectorates.

  37. As Hilary once put it " These super predators must be brought to heel!"

  38. At least one Judge is dirty. Dontcha think?

  39. Really??
    You believe John Durham and Bill Barr will shoot down the deepstate?
    Lol..lol..lol…justice?? ..Hillary as crookedhillary is? Lol!

  40. If you can prove these charges you put them on trial . Then execute all of them. That will straighten all of these politicians up.

  41. Mueller needs to pay Manafort back for what he did to him

  42. What I would like to know is if the deep state is getting more corrupt or if they are getting more exposed. I hope the latter is true and I hope that some of these deep state actors get indicted

  43. I have run into many dirty cops !
    Break the law!

  44. Here is a thought. Let Manafort out of Jail. Take Mule head Muellar and his FBI team and put them in the Full Max Prison.

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