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FBI warns El Paso shooting may inspire copycats l ABC News

The FBI recently launched a domestic terrorism hate crimes “fusion cell,” a unit that shares information with FBI and state and local officials on domestic terror threats.

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  1. Everyone buy and pack a gun. GET YOUR CARRY lisence. So we can shoot back

  2. well if we get rid of fbi cia dhs and atf these mass shootings wont happen any more

  3. This is exactly why I never leave my house

  4. maybe if the liberal government did their job and kept ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT OF AMERICA, these acts would not be necessary.

  5. They say the same thing over and over after every shooting

  6. Congratulations! If they weren't already inspired to be copycats, they are now! Good work everyone!! Got any more good ideas we can pass along to the masses??? Now, if you don't mind, stop giving these mass shootings so much publicity! You're only making things worse.

  7. The same DOJ and FBI that helped Hillary destroy evidence will be the same DOJ and FBI to investigate this.

  8. Well as long as the cia don't trigger one of there mind control assassins we should be ok ….

  9. I thought I would never own a gun, But we the GOOD guys need to be armed to protect our loved ones. Purchased 3 today!!!!

  10. Wouldn't be surprised with these vanilla ISIS cowards

  11. "FBI warns El Paso shooting may inspire copycats"

    One can hope! There are still about 30,000,000+ w3tbacks in OUR country. We've got a lot of work left to do.

  12. This happens every week in Chicago and no one ever talks about it🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. It’s the media that keeps promoting this type of hate. We’ve only had almost 250 days out of the year and it’s been over 250 shootings. It’s sad when they don’t see that they are setting the goals for this! Especially by not reporting on the small cases that’s happening here in the US. I’m like fr. It’s time the media stop playing with us in our faces. And the leaders in this country do something about this shit. It’s so sad.

  14. Well if the media would stop giving these murderers instant fame (day after day after day-24 hours a day to top it off) then maybe there would be less interest for these psychopaths to even think about committing any copy cat killings!

  15. Will fbi be in on all of them r hiding in a basement?

  16. Why aren't they stoping black crime three shootings in my small town this weekend?????

  17. Bc white people keep passing blame…

  18. Domestic terrorism is defined as a white person not sufficiently self hating enough.
    Goodbye America!
    You are a third world country!
    But at least you weren't racist!

  19. This is why i carry a .45 w me every where ESPECIALLY WALMART


  21. Stop using the shooters name. Stop giving him the publicity

  22. Fake shootings inspire…
    More fake shooting

  23. 100 plus people a year die from rip tides….should we ban swimming at beaches?

  24. In Texas and Ohio, it’s legal to buy military-style firearms, use them with large-capacity magazines and carry them in public with a permit. Both suspects bought the guns legally, so I'm stumped now on what kind of solution we need to stop this BS from continuing. Are guns really the ultimate problem? Both these shooters were in their early 20's. I'm 36… when I was in my early 20's I barely even had a hookup to buy pot let alone try to get a gun. I'm not saying I grew up in a perfect household because I also had my struggles but I never had intentions of going ape shit on people. Is each generation getting more and more F'ed up? I don't even know what to think anymore of how to stop this shit.

  25. the people cant understand why that are not the case ? because the domestic terrorists kkk white supremacist nationalist are in every branch of government , so how do you expect them to investigate themselves ?

  26. What they are saying is “ there will be more of the same from the leftist “. When are you people going to wake up? You could start with ANTIFA , get rid of them and most of the problem will be taken care of.

  27. As a father,I guess the best gift to my sons and daughters is guns now.

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