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FCC steps up its war on robocalls

Fox Business Briefs: Federal Communications Commission approves laws that ban ‘spoofing,’ a practice by which robocallers try to trick you by calling or texting from nearby location.

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  1. Your FCC handed this away. Your anti-regulatory position is ineffective at stepping anything up…

  2. That's why I don't use my cell number for anything except family, friends doctor etc. Rest get home phone number where the ringer is turned off and machine picks up.

  3. Lower pay 💰 on Sundays for UPS/Fedex drivers? Ya let’s see how the union drivers react to that.

  4. But they can't touch the operation Mockingbird news organizations

  5. I got a 100 numbers blocked and attached to a contact I created named SPAM. Haven't had a spam call for months -> I think they gave up on me.

  6. Breaking News
    FCC racist against Robots.

  7. But the calls are made from India using voip. When will someone hold the Indian government accountable for not doing anything about their scam call centers. So much money wasted on Russian collusion; the money would've been put to better use investigating these scammers.

  8. Why are wages lower on Sundays? Don't they do the same job?

  9. Took way too long to start doing something and still not doing enough.

  10. Please dont just make a law for robo callers. Find them and beat them over the head with your cell phone. Thx

  11. If they were so worried about the other companies well being. That they are going to pay their own people, thatare willing to work Sundays less pay for the same work. (Pretty sure your getting into some kind of religious discrimination, or some kind of ethics crime there). But how about you just don't deliver on Sundays. Then you can show, that you actually care about competitors. And at the same time, not screw over an entire set of workers. Sales men are shameless, moralless, lying p's.o.s.. As the companies head honcho is a salesman by profession. It's no wonder he wants to cut employee pay. While refusing to buy a.c units for his warehouses. He just pays ambulances to stay in the area, for all the heat stroke victims there. Look it up if you dont believe me. But, I would be willing to bet, all of his office buildings and spaces have full climate control year round. He really is a deushe bag, and a true number 2 of a person.

  12. Step it up more! It isn't enough! The Nigerian Prince is still up my @ss every day!

  13. I get several calls a day. Some just ring but no one answers if you do.

  14. Good I'm really getting tired of these I get them at least 3 to 5 time a day everyday I don't answer them but I work 12 hour shifts at night and they keep waking me up.

  15. I no longer answer my land line due to robos.

  16. Dow has crashed almost 2000 from record high. Will Dennison tweetbrag about this like he did then? Nah, probably not.

  17. I'm tired of getting these calls at least 30 a day. Its ridiculous ! No one has anything better to do than call my phone all day long. The jokes on them, I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize and they'll keep getting blocked….

  18. Just call block those numbers

  19. I keep my ringer muted because that's all I get is robo calls or wrong numbers. For a long time I answered and reported them to the do not call registry but I gave up.
    I once got a sales call from an actual person. They claimed that I had "recently inquired" about some BS. I laid into them and reminded them it is a felony to make an unsolicited sales call to someone on the do not call registry.

  20. I'm waiting for democrats to come out in support of robocalls and other scams.

    They'll say it's racist to stop them.

  21. Quick, Fox, change the subject! Dow is down almost 2000 from its record high that Trump bragged about only 3 weeks ago.

  22. I’m on my 3rd robocall today and it’s only 2:45 pm.

  23. Multiple calls a day. I get more Robo calls then from real folks now days, it's insane !

  24. Block Number, totally Rules!

  25. Good, I have 3 filters on my phone to stop them. I was getting 15-20 spoofing calls a day now its down to about 10. And I had one while typing this message. Its against the law to spoof calls….oh if they would enforce the law. How about stopping the app and computer program developers. Put them out of business.

  26. Ya it's way over due. They are as annoying as Joe Biden or Obama giving a speech!!! Trump 2020🇺🇸

  27. I never get those calls. Why? 1. Don't have a Cell Phone and never will. 2. Have a Land Line which works even if power goes down, and, the ringer is always set to OFF. I use it when I want to……..not when THEY disturb me 3-9 or so times a day. Anyone wnat to leave me a message? Fine. They can write me or stop over. Easy as that. Electronics do not run my life. What's the big rush? People seemed to be so much happier and way less stressed-out before the electronics were on the scene. Now? So many electronic addicts. What a shame.

  28. "We're going to make you work Sunday,but we're gonna pay you less to make up for it!" FedEx

  29. Thank goodness. Sick of those dum calls.

  30. I'm glad I keep getting them almost everyday.

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