Monday , January 18 2021
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FDA Advisers Recommend Moderna’s Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News

The FDA’s outside advisory committee has recommended emergency authorization for Moderna’s vaccine, bringing the U.S. one step closer to a second vaccine.
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FDA Advisers Recommend Moderna’s Covid Vaccine | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Who's pockets are getting filled with this decision, I'll be honest, after the election and everything that followed it, and all the political BS, its very hard to trust anyone

  2. C: Certificate
    O: Of
    V: Vaccination
    ID: Identification

  3. God is so mad right now, because science just defeated the evil virus he created. 🤣🖕

  4. German accent: Let me see your papers please

  5. News montage mix of " Covid-19" News channel global & Fake News GNN

  6. ✂️✂️✂️the mRNA will alter your ancestral DNA. ✂️✂️ Look up what is mRNA and what it does to the DNA. Don't let them fool you.

  7. Hmmmm I wonder what kinda kick back the FDA got for recommending this vaccine lol

  8. COVID 19 2020

  9. What are the options?
    1 do not get vaccinated and have a 80% chance being symptom free and pumping your immune system like it was designed, but a four times higher risk than normal flu of severe complications.
    2 get vaccinated by 92%, 95% or 97 vaccine with a higher probability of side effects your immune system would not had done on its own, do not be any more sure of lasting protection but be sure it will be expensive.
    3 buy into Erb Terb IPO at 240 trillion for a personal air disinfecting system against any airborne virus, with germicidal UV lights, 12V air fan, a face mask, an ESG approved solarcell to charge the battery at a fraction of vaccine costs.
    Cant promise profits, but a kewl cyberpunk design with space travel insinuations and large number stories.

  10. I won't accept a vaccine that can cause bells palsy… a minor stroke. Im waiting until millions of others get it first. Since I went to my bunker and have enjoyed the last 6 months under ground. Ill probably never return to civilization again. Good luck sheep. You gonna need it

  11. Big deal with different pharmaceutical brand or manufacturing company,,, all at once!!! Hhhmmmm! I'll pass .

  12. I want to be optimistic , but forgive me if I don’t trust a vaccine that was rammed through the standard safety protocols , tests that take time to truly measure outcomes, and then quickly rubber stamped by government agencies that were publicly threatened by a madman in the WH whose only concern is taking credit for a “cure” for a disease his every action promoted and strengthened. Plus this is not a miracle cure even if it does work and not cause you to mutate into a zombie. I get a flu shot every year and still every year people get , transmit, and die from the flu.

  13. The world is overpopulated and Covid-19 is just another strategy that the multibillion dollar, multinational corporation named the Halliburton Company, is using to limit the world's population. Yes, that's right. Covid-19 is a synthetically engineered virus that's being used for population control. You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but I know what I'm talking about. By the end of 2021, watch how many people will be dead.

  14. Lets have all politicians take there poison i mean vaccine 1st

  15. "No long-term safety data? No problem!" – Every media outlet (not suspicious at all)

  16. Im really confused on what kind to get now I think Im gonna pass

  17. Check this video (link below). It shows very great information about corona virus.

  18. But everybody's different just because she's okay doesn't mean everyone else will be okay and anyway we have to wait till September to get back soon it's full of crap you have it in the country so why can't we get vaccine as well as everyone else the people don't matter so we're just going to lay down and die

  19. mm&^cw
    More covid-19 prevention, remedy etc and music which I composed
    visit my video on youtube

  20. Have fun with the long term affects sheepole.


  22. Just a few months ago..main stream media was laughing about a Vaccine before the end of the year..I watched it on all all was impossible…that it takes years…it would not be safe…now all of a sudden it's the right thing to do?It is safe now but not then?You all need to clarify…please

  23. No thanks. Tell Bill and Melinda to take it first. I’ll make sure to be present when they do, just to make sure they actually get the product they’re pushing. Btw, why are they both barred from other countries? If found, they’ll be executed? 🤔

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