FDA approves updated vaccine to fight COVID variants as cases rise

An updated COVID vaccine has been approved by the FDA, paving the way for a fight against variants as cases rise across the country. https://bit.ly/3PcYf17

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The Food and Drug Administration on Monday authorized updated COVID-19 vaccines aimed at more recent viral variants.

The move has been expected since earlier this summer, when an advisory committee recommended the move.

A different advisory committee meets Tuesday to recommend how the vaccine should be used.

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  1. I malori improvvisi erano troppo pochi

  2. Lies and more deception. Over 100,000 people die from flu every year and nobody cares. Couple 100 people die from lab made covid and they want to over Vax you and strip you of your rights.😊

  3. Never got vaccinated and still haven't caught covid.

  4. The FDA must $w!ng for adding the COVID19 mRNA, US Military's BI0WEAP0N to the infant immunization schedule.

  5. FDA would approve dog💩 if it could make profit for pharma.

  6. 0:56 good lord, how big does that needle need to be

  7. You've got to be completely stupid to get one of these at this point. Why do you think people are dropping dead

  8. "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." – Albert Einstein

  9. She can't even control her Duper's Delight.

  10. People who get Covid boosters still get Covid and the symptoms are same with or without vaccine

  11. FDA can’t be trusted. Everyone isn’t going along with this again besides old folks/pre exposed.

  12. This is just showing how corrupt modern medicine, the FDA, mainstream media, and the government have become. All on the payroll of the people making these mRna injections.

  13. How much money is changing hands with this clot shot deal.

  14. Does that give you a heart attack too. I mean I barely survived the last shot. You might as well get it right this time and kill me off. Since you're trying so hard.

  15. "safe and effective" 🧟‍♂️💀

  16. Yah cause the other ones worked so good!😂

  17. The FDA also approves of a ton of shit in our foods, so their endorsement is only for profit. Your nothing but money to them

  18. Nah bro 3 shots is enough I was forced to do that to get to college my body can’t do 4 something ain’t right about this new “varient” also this shot started to spread right on time near the election when we literally were fine almost half the year