Monday , January 25 2021
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FDA Grants Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization | NBC Nightly News

The FDA authorized the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use late Friday night. The first batch of nearly 6 million doses will go out on Monday morning to over 600 sites.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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FDA Grants Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Do you trust criminal organisations? Because that’s what Pfizer is. In fact, they may very well be the largest criminal organisation in the world.

    In 2009 they reached a fraud settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice for $2.3 BILLION, the largest ever fraud settlement in the history of the DOJ at that time.

  2. our children getting an education is an emergency so teachers using the virus as an excuse to get vaccinated so our kids can get to school.

  3. If we didn't know any better. And we don't. We'd believe that compulsory vaccination is around the corner. It will start with international travel. No vaccination. No visa.

  4. If a man is convinced that he is safe only as long as he uses his power to give others a sense of insecurity, then the measure of their security is in his hands.We are seeing the power of the voice of someone who has so much control over his followers that they refuse to wear masks, and then storm into the streets with long guns to prove that no one can make them do so. It is truly amazing what people will do when they believe in a person so strongly. Donald J. Trump is a modern day version of Jim Jones.The unwavering devotion of his base can mirror a dangerous cult mentality. Will we stop Trump before it's too late?

  5. It should alarm you that we are headed toward a society where you will need to offer up unlimited access to your veins in exchange for the ability to live a normal life.

  6. I’m so glad there’s a vaccine with a 95% success rate, I almost had to use my immune system with a 99.9% success rate! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. vaccines dont work if half the country refuses to take them, the U S A is destroying itself, I can only wonder, given how stupid the people are, how did it take so long?

  8. Pfizer: Now we just sit back and let our media machine do it's work

  9. The Pfizer so called "vaccine" is actually made in Germany by Biontech. This company is owned by a billionaire Turkish muslim Ugur Sahin(german ally in ww I). Dr. Francis Boyle(Harvard PhD bioweapons expert) has exposed these covid vaccines as spreading HIV and causing sterility. Dr. Boyle exposed the Pentagon/CIA forcing experimental Anthrax vaccines during the Iraq war causing the deaths of thousands of US soldiers from adverse vaccine "reactions".

    These so called vaccines are called "mrna" which mutate human DNA also causing cancer. There is currently no proof these "vaccines" immunize people successfully and stop them from spreading covid. The long term effects of these experimental vaccines are unknown. International law/Nuremburg code, established after WW II, bans forcing experimental medical treatments on humans.

    Subscribe to my channel and follow my pages for more groundbreaking news and analysis.

  10. I already got the vaccine, tastes like chicken. Nothing to worry about folks

  11. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  12. FDA chief is lying! He's stuttering to get his words out!

  13. Several stabbed and 23 arrested as 'Stop the Steal' protesters clash in DC – Do you recall my warning in my video?, “STAY AWAY, AVOID groups, crazy reptilius infected lost souls will try killing people!” – 12/12/20 right on my window! Trump supporters gather for the Stop the Steal rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington on December **12,** 2020. READ the article and share pls

  14. ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) is a real issue with this vaccine and will probably make the vaccinated population worse if they get infected.

  15. we live in a dystopian society that wants us dead

  16. . . x …… End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.

  17. I'm not taking the China Virus vaccine until the fixed election is thrown out.

  18. Look why not vaccine be given to the people families of them whom dead of first of COVID 19 see how they react then be concern of people whom are diabetic, sick, how it affect them.

  19. This vaccine is not going to work
    What will work is the blood of Jesus
    But people are too proud.
    To get on their knees and kneel
    and pray. Jesus is real people
    Where in the last days.

  20. A virus so deadly that your survival rate is 99.9%. When seasonal flu mysteriously vanished from the earth for the first time in history. Nice trick by the globalists, and for them the cure is to cull all you sheeple – in other words you are their pandemic. The vaccine is their answer to end you.

    Washington D.C Rally, 12 Dec 2020 (Highlights) : Roughly estimation# 50K to 100K peoples attended…..

    Immortal legend.
    No matter Flourish or Depression, always common peoples suffering difficulty…..

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