Sunday , October 24 2021
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FDA Panel Votes Against Recommending Covid Booster Shots To Most Americans

An independent review panel of the Food and Drug Administration has voted against recommending a third booster shot for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine to Americans over the age of 16. NBC’s Mike Memoli has details on the decision.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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FDA Panel Votes Against Recommending Covid Booster Shots To Most Americans


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  1. It's a story about the pandemic that isn't, and vaccines that aren't.

  2. There is a realization afoot that armed uprisings are in the cards if this insanity continues.

  3. I think the publc has pretty much said no to the vaccine…so we are talking about a small minority of for profit psychopaths that are trying to make billions off the suffering of the many. its time to flush these turds down the drain.

  4. Booster shot is just more of the same crap that does not work.

  5. THEY ALSO SAID NOT SAFE TO GET 3RD….GHUINEA PIGS! Why doesnt NBC say that part? Wake up!!! Not "woke" thats weird…wake up to its all about $$$

  6. May God have mercy on those who have taken this terrible poison. I have seen what it will do in the future.

  7. Just means that more lobbying money will have to be spent.

  8. They are just being coy, they do not want to loose any support from the vaxxed right now, they plan to use them as a battering ram to get the unvaxxed to cave in this winter. If they succeed, guess what, oh darn,,, all the vaxxed will need to get that booster and many more to follow. WAKE UP, Your being played for gullible fools.

  9. Biden, the Democrats, the FDA, CDC, and vaccine manufacturers have no idea what they are doing. I was suckered into getting the first two Pfizer shots…I won’t be crazy enough to be suckered into another one. There are way too many side effects for me to get another shot when all the data says my chances of getting COVID is very slim after getting the first two shots.

  10. Pfizer is the most deadly shot every administered to the US public with 15 away from 10,000 kills on the VEARSsystem.

  11. Really ? What about stopping the spread? Vaccines and mask are minimally effective. Treatment is the answer . Regeneron,Monoclonal antibodies, hydroxichloriquine, ivermectin, one of them or all of them work if treated early. Fyi Trump Won

  12. Joe Biden needs to be impeached along with Kamala at this point……

  13. But Dr. Jill said it's safe. What now?

  14. Don't take it guys, the yellow card system, VAERS and he European reporting system show it's killing thousands and crippling millions.

  15. This administration is a complete joke. Unfortunately the joke is on us.

  16. So even if all Americans are vaccinated, whats the point if tens of thousands of unvaxxed illegals are spilling into the country at the southern border. I guess its just gonna keep spreading and creating new variants by that logic. But what do I know, Im just trying to work and support my family like a normal citizen.

  17. OMG I guess their still are GOOD SCIENTISTS and not one's only care about money and give zero fphucks about people health. Big W from the FDA

  18. Fascinating battle going on. I'm on FDA side on this one.

  19. Quick Poll: Should Vaccinated People be mandated to take weekly Covid test? We all know by now that Vaccinated People can still get sick and spread the virus. A Vaccinated Healthcare worker could be spreading the virus to the elderly and other vulnerable people. Thumbs up if you think they should take weekly tests, and leave a comment.

  20. No booster for you! FDA advises that Phizer booster shots only be given to the elderly and those with comprised health concerns. Also included, needless to say, boosters for the privileged​: politicians​, the wealthy (who own the politicians) and of course, the 'foxy news' media who lie for the privileged fascist hypocrites. Everyone else, NO, 'you don't need it'. If this doesn't convert the anti-vaxxers, nothing will.

  21. The vaccine is not the complete solution as the government is selling. We will be wearing masks for years and there will be vaccine mandates mask mandates and even targeted restrictions on businesses for years. This is an epidemic and we should all be allowed to go back to our normal lives and ALL restrictions should be lifted. . This will not end for years. As long as your vaccinated and have all your boosters up to date we should all be allowed to go back to our normal lives.

  22. The risk of myocarditis is 1 in 25 with the booster shot

  23. Where are you now military? Shouldn't you be removing this incompetent, tyrannical government?

  24. Just wait for it. The vaccines wane after a few months. They have the data. They just want to vaccinate the third world before they start the booster. What is going to happen is that the vaccines will loose effectiveness in a few months and cases and hospital rates will increase by a lot. Then Biden will mandate a booster or you will loose your job. Yes that's 3 shots. How do I know. We are always a couple of months behind Israel and they have already mandated the booster and cases are still rising. Although deaths are low. Doctors know how to treat it with steroids and most don't end up in the hospital especially if your vaccinated but they will still mandate the booster anyway buy the winter.

  25. Wait, Science is now conducted by vote?? WTH

  26. That's good news. The vaccine makers are planning to employ a flu vaccine model so that they can keep on injecting people every year till their last days. They don't intend to make a perfect vaccine like the ones we have for polio and MMR, but you probably won't believe what I say.

  27. The media knows a lot of things. None of which are true.

  28. As the world is preparing to receive the Antichrist and his mark (Revelation 13:16-18), Jesus Christ is preparing to receive His church unto Himself at the rapture. Will you be left behind? You can know you have eternal life in Heaven by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour today. Only faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone can save your soul.

    For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God – Romans 3:23

    But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him. – Romans 5:8-9

    That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. – Romans 10:9

  29. Why would they give you another chip when you already got one? Duh

  30. The real truth is NO ONE NEEDS A VACCINE, Natural immunity is 20× stronger and effective than any experimental vaccines, logical thinking ELIMINATES emotional nonsense. The great awakening

  31. They are just doing this to trick you people into trusting them again. Best believe next year this time they will vote yes. Once they gain you common folks trust again

  32. Y'all are on your own. Safe and effective, safe and effective, etc. I want as many booster rounds as possible injected. Dosen't matter if it slows the spread. The science is SETTLED!

  33. And yet it's ok for all Americans over 16 to take a vaccine that hasn't been properly vetted. All vaccinated people are fools.

  34. No ones buying this BS plannedemic anymore, we look around the world and plainly see it’s all about control and communism.

  35. The FDA had an 8 hour meeting and a lot was discussed. It was voted 16 to 2 against boosters unless over 65.
    The big bombshell was a few doctors came forth and said the vaccine was killing more than it was saving. Other medical issues caused by the vaccine were serious. Also the vaccinated could be causing the variants.

    Yet another day the narrative unravels more.

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