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FDA recommends pausing use of J&J vaccine due to rare side effect

FDA officials holds a joint press briefing with the CDC to discuss six reported cases of a rare type of blood clot in individuals who received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. #FoxBusiness #Coronavirus

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  1. No covid 1984 "vaccine" for me, thanks but no thanks

  2. Good that's why I'm not getting none of this vaccines

  3. Why don’t US headlines say that AUSTRALIA JUST BANNED J&J yesterday, April 12?

  4. It’s not rare DONT be a human test subject

  5. Anyone notice that they are just repeating classic scares and social control strategies. Imagination, Spanish flue , yellow journalism, cold war scare , mccarthyism, looming wars , social unrest , its all the classic destabilization tactics

  6. There were SIX WOMEN out of 7 MILLION ,all women were of child bearing years,BIRTH CONTROL CAUSES BLOOD CLOTS ! That's what I'm telling myself since my husband and I got this vaccine a week ago, he just had oral surgery a week before this vaccine and they made him go to his heart doctor to get cleared due to a platinum stint in his❤️ due to a blood clotting issue. We have had ZERO issues — but what is the timeline after getting the vaccine ? I'm hoping this recall is REALLY ABOUT FALCHI NOT GETTING HIS PIECE OF THE VACCINE PIE ON THE J&J vaccine.

  7. The CDC's VAERS records for 2021 thru April 5th has recorded 2,794 deaths. This exceeds the total recorded deaths for eleven years. This is not rare it is criminal.


  9. Yeah, you know when the FDA says they are a ‘tiny’ bit concerned and only have a ‘few’ cases means it’s a lot worse than that. I can assure you they would not stop this for a couple cases. They simply would not.


  11. Wonder what other "rare" issues these vaccines will discover say in 5-10-25 yr from now?

  12. Hahahahahaha! That’s what happens when you act like a sheep

  13. So let me get this straight, JnJ has been sued numerous times for being reckless with the lives of their products users but have been given immunity for this?

  14. Why are there all different concoctions in the various injections? Shouldn’t it be only 1 concoction? Something isn’t right

  15. People have lost their lives because of their arrogance.

  16. Let's rate the efficiency of the top investment in the world today:
    Cryptocurrency —- 90%
    Stocks —————– 45%
    Forex ——————- 40%

  17. For women who have recently received the J&J Covid vaccine, what steps can be taken to minimize the risk of blood clots? Are aspirin and/or exercise, supplements recommended? Any other thoughts on how to reduce blood clotting side effect risk? What are the alternative treatments to Heparin in the event of blood clot?

  18. Great…I just got it yesterday

  19. J&J 🙄 even their floor wax cause injuries. Pfft on their vax!

  20. Extremely rare but not nonexistent! Blood clots are very serious. That’s a little scary and concerning

  21. J&J 150 + lawsuits, great company, I don’t use anything they make

  22. Should have tested this on Animals first, now they did and Animals are toast

  23. Just think: if Repubs had worn masks a year ago we wouldn't have needed vaccines. See New Zealand.

  24. Enjoy the slaughterhouse sheep. Bahhhhhh 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

  25. Repubs: "It's a deep state conspiracy! Trump was right!"

  26. What you mean a vaccine could have side effects. How could This be??????

  27. Of course put foreign objects in your blood of course your body is going to fight it


  29. I’m 48 just got J&J 3 days ago 🤞🏻

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