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Fears Of Taliban Return As U.S. Troops Leave Afghanistan | NBC Nightly News

At a beauty salon in Kabul, the business owner says “it will be a disaster” for women if the Taliban returns after U.S. troops withdraw from Afghanistan. NBC News’ Richard Engel meets a group of former translators for the U.S. military who say they’re marked men and feel left behind.
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  1. 1 woman have the right to wear whatever they want

    2. Woman can go get education

    Taliban has no place

  2. Stop with your propaganda

  3. If you want to invade every country that doesn't respect women the us army would be in every country in the middle East.

  4. another US source that is ignoring our failure to meet the deadline to pull out, but what do they talk about? scared woman. this is why our enemies hate us right here. we always have to distract from the real issue with some push button propaganda and think nobody notices. well our dead soldiers are on you.

  5. Will the taliban return? That is a rhetorical question. Like racism in America, it is quiet now, like everyone is behaving themselves. But the mentality is there. Camouflaged into normal society in utmost secrecy.

  6. They should of never turned against their people for the USA. As you can see they don't care about him and will leave him behind to die. How terrible he finds himself in this situation but this is of his own doing.

  7. I call it now, Taliban takes Afghanistan fully before next elections come back.

  8. Going to be worse than the fall of Saigon

  9. In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency …

  10. You better leave them with a lot of guns so they can defend themselves.

  11. Let them return who cares? That’s who’s problem?

  12. Afghanistan interpreters should be given automatic asylum in the USA. I was in charge of processing paperwork for their VISAS to the US. It’s a very SLOW process, they literally risked their lives for the US, they should be priority in any immigration talks!

  13. Why else do you think they want us to leave early? The Afghani people’s lives are in danger

  14. It's going to be like Cambodia there.

  15. Return? Lol . Return from where

  16. I pray that these people will be able to hold their own.

  17. Taliban is worse than COVID 19.

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