Wednesday , January 27 2021
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  1. Goes to show you, don’t use banks!

  2. This is the beginning of what all you idiots voted for !

  3. Keep your money in a safe and never pay taxes. Period.

  4. If yall can’t smell whats gonna happen by now you prob aint prepared at all. This country has been hurting for many many many years. Stock up food water, get good clothes, blankets survival gear/bag. Shits bout to go down. N get a gun, n form a community of people you trust.

  5. We need to get rid of the Federal reserve. There's nothing Federal about it! It's nine private banks!

  6. Money is all but worthless and rich people need to move more of it around, so, never a penalty for being rich they remove it. Money printing theft is about done with there crime

  7. Why do all these people keep talking about the interest on savings accounts. There is literally no meaningful interest on savings accounts. You are loosing money on whatever you have in them.

  8. thank you dame Reserve, however it takes money to have money problems

  9. Ron Paul doesn’t seem so goofy now! The Fed has absolutely no connection to the government except lending it money! Wake up people!

  10. DeJoy's failure cost President Trump the election.

  11. More then 6 transactions for a savings account doesn't make sense if you have a checking account. Immediate cash in checking and then savings account is back up funds.

  12. Less cash in the banks hands, giving us access to the money thats already ours: Step #0.1 completed.

  13. You can easy by pass this rule by open multiple saving accounts. With just 2 or 3 accounts, you can easily make a transfer every other day.

  14. Lol, what a ridiculous rule. What is this the 1930s during the Great Depression? All the worthless paper money the fed is printing, it shouldn't matter much.

  15. Why does the Federal Reserve have rules governing Our Personal Bank Accounts? They are not a part of Our Federal Government

  16. They should eliminate the poor people tax for min account balances.
    I had free checking/savings before the last recession. Then they decided they needed more of MY $ to get thru the hard times … It never changed back.

  17. never knew there was a limit……. ok, bad idea to start with

  18. they want you to feel comfortable placing moor $ in the bank, there are some big changes coming and the banks will use your $ to bail out its self. US $ down meens China Yen up ..

  19. It's not your money, if the government has any say so of what you can or can't do with it.

  20. So now the control over your money starts. That is why they want to get rid of cash and control you. Bet you this was a democratic bill.

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