Thursday , September 16 2021
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Fed Chair Powell holds press conference on Fed decision

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell holds press conference following the release of the Fed Open Market Committee decision on interest rates. #FOXBusiness

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  1. So now race to bottom before hyper inflation for all??

  2. I also find it funny how no one asked him about M1 stats. This is all so ridiculous.

  3. I (dis)like how he keeps saying that inflation is above 2%. Well, it could mean 100% as well. Also, these two repo institutions don't seem to impose confidence that the economy is so stable he is presenting it to be. The fact they didn't raise rates is saying a lot. They are letting the inflation to do its own thing and will intervene after Biden's new gzillion dollar investment plan.

  4. Sorry America!!! The feds just leading us down the proverbial path of DESTRUCTION ONCE AGAIN . Trump when ur back on office I think they need ur help or elimination ! Printing new megabucks daily & bidie ADMINISTRATION spending our tax dollars like it were his own . Extremes exceeding our means !!! Of course their answer " RAISE THEIR TAXES " !!!!!!!!

  5. I think you can stop referring to inflation as past 2% once it is past 5%…for the last 2 months

  6. The devil comes with a smile. God's timeline is not the same as the timeline of the matrix. We'll see what happens.

  7. With the administration we have will keep the instable economy and over taxation and increased cost for every things we need, and reduced rights of the citizens; but not the government asking for more of our freedoms and rights of choice given to the government!…

  8. Not timely to raze rates at this time………….IT will never be timely!!!!!!!!!!!! Print and spent is the only tool they have left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. 7- 28 – 2021.
    President Bidens daily approval rating, and monthly unemployment numbers.
    A poll of likely democrat, republican and independent voters in equal amounts. Don't blame me if you don't like the numbers. I've been posting presidential polling numbers for the last 6 years and people always say the same thing. The numbers are completely wrong…. of course that depends on which side of the political spectrum you're on, and what the number are
    I no longer respond to questions on this subject, and don't care what your poll says.

    Strongly Approve 26%.   
    Strongly Disapprove 42%.
    Approve. 46%.
    Disapprove. 52%.
    Unemployment for June. Up .1% to 6.9%.

  10. Why does he not just say we are moving towards a planned economy and True World 🌍 Communism is just 10 years away.

  11. They take of this positive trend really fast. Mask up more to follow

  12. Even the FED chair is a political bias driven

  13. The FED hates being in the lime light, centerl banks all around the world are failing and we all have a front row seat…Buckle up!!!!!!!!! Seek Jesus now

  14. Just another Communist S.O.B.

  15. It would ruin the economy if the fed got audited

  16. More BS from your Bobble head administration.

  17. Let's face it. Nobody knows what's in that bill, including him, and if it's anything less than each person working in poverty getting a clear title to easily usuable local land and a $10k check, it's going to be war.

  18. Fed?! Lol you have no power here.

  19. The poor people will have to pay back all the stimulus while big tech and large businesses will get the loopholes & tax breaks! Abolish the Feds!

  20. Trump backed Susan Wright lost to Jake Ellzey in Texas special election 6th district for US Rep. Ellzey won by 6% of the vote. A Trump endorsement is no longer a path to victory. The majority of republicans want to move on from loser Trump.

  21. Abolish The Federal Reserve

  22. Just In
    According to Forbes Magazine MAGA lawyers Powell, Ellis, Wood, Giuliani and their lawyers have changed their defense. It is now Donald Trump lied to us and that is why we lied to the court. They are throwing Donnie under the bus to save themselves. Expect to see some Dominion lawsuits settled soon.

    Alan Dershowitz another Trump lawyer will not sign on to Trump's Big Tech Lawsuit

  23. It's all lining up to the endgame. Seek Jesus.

  24. What the heck ? The Fed is playing Doctor too ? Globalization Insanity

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