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Fed Chair Powell won't support interest rate cuts in December

FOX Business’ Edward Lawrence reports on Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s position on interest rates, the glowing picture the chair will paint of the economy, and his calling on Congress to address the national debt.

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  1. Who is the Fed ? Not the Federal Government but a bunch of Billionare bankers who bought some Senators off back in the early 1900's and while the congress had left DC for Christmas recess , a few paid off polititions passed a law on December 23 1913 to enact the Federal Reserve to give them power over Capitol and the people in the U.S… They print money to lend the U.S. Government that is backed by nothing. The taxpayers pay interest for ever on that loan , money they print ! Sounds Gangster ? It is. John F Kennedy wanted to shut down these crooks so in 1963 , Kennedy ordered the Treasury Department to print 4 Billion dollars in $2 and $5 bills to circulate into the economy to break the Feds hold on our currency. You know what happened next !
    The Bills are coveted by collectors and have the name of the 1963 treasurer and red stamp , Tresury Department in the place that is now printed Federal Reserve in green. The Fed is and always has been the warmongers and thieves of the world ! Ban the Fed free the people…

  2. THE THE (private) FED!
    *The Federal Reserve is a private bank that has no constitutional authority over US currency. They print US dollars out of thin air and then charge the American people interest on them. Creating a perpetual money making cycle of loans and debt that US taxpayers can never escape from. The Federal Reserve is responsible for 1000% inflation since 1913-2019.
    The last president to take that power away from "the fed" and give it back to the US Mint, got a rifle bullet in the back of his head in Dallas within 2 weeks.

  3. Powell is a lair he said he would and now no deep state fucker lair

  4. He seems old for this kind of work, maybe he should step down, and let someone who knows how to handle interest rates better !


  6. 100% chance of a rate cut in December. Powell just gave himself his own excuse for the next cut. Deteriorating economic environment.

  7. This man, Powell, will have no choice. He needs to wake up!

  8. Fire the head of the fed!!

  9. Would the Fed plunge the United States into a recession, throwing millions of Americans onto the street, in order to embarrass Trump? In a heartbeat.

  10. That's not what he said. He said he will be data dependent.

  11. Pack your bags ..
    Get the out my Country while you still can !

  12. He's working for the Democrats

  13. I.e. the fed balances interest rates to ensure banks make profits. Thats what prevents recession and ensures banks can still pay customers. Why is this so difficult to understand? High interest rates = banking profits.


  15. Get rid of the Federal Reserve / or audit them.

  16. The FED continues to inject money every single day like a patient on life-support. The Federal Reserve is literally keeping the markets alive. We can pretend everything is ok but fairytales are best left for the cinema and bedtime stories. The level of intervention by central banks are quite frankly unprecedented. It has never been done before on this scale. The inflation is popping up in equities as we see corporations flush with cash and have gone in the direction of financing their record level stock buybacks with debt. Unfortunately the bigger this mess get the worse the reversion to the mean will be.

  17. The Globalist Oligarchy is trying/Aiming to tank to the market/economy b4 Christmas to make President Trump look bad b4 2020 election!
    -We 👀 their plans!

  18. We need to go back to gold.

  19. I think we need to watch more Alex Jones Guys! We need to buy more Maga Hats and Attend more Trump Rallies that usually fixes things!

  20. Ron Paul for FED Chairman!

  21. Powell Needs a job promotion To move him out of that seat And yes he will cut rates in December He has no clue he does not know what he’s doing

  22. CIA aka deep state ESTABLISHMENT cult used fed fake fed gov bank puppets to keep our CITIZENS from making enough money to be able to run for office

  23. Patriots are in control the (CB) has no power over our economy anymore

  24. Wall Street is a rootless globalists pyramid scheme of Merchants

  25. People are tapped out. Powell will be forced to lower rates and that will accelerate the Trump slump crash in 2020.

  26. The fed was created to create boom and bust cycles while the rich consolidate assets and wealth and we are used as debt chattel or slaves

  27. Powell hates trump and would love to crash the economy!
    The Fed never touched the interest rate under traitor 44 "Obama"!

  28. Instead of printing more dollars….fed should focus on making dollar more valuable….

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