Fed Chairman Powell testifies before Senate Banking committee

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testifies before the Senate Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs Committee on “The Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to Congress.” #FOXBusiness

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  1. Open the pipeline!! Energy independence please!!!

  2. A total waste of time, congress pretends it's doing something about inflation. What started all this is the Democrat's policy on killing US energy independence. To fix our economic problems today is to reverse what the Democrats have done, and allow our energy resources here in America to flourish. Democrat-run Congress doesn't recognize their fault in all this but points the finger at everyone else. Get a clue, people.

  3. Mr Shelby " Myself and other members of this banking committee have been warning about inflation for over a year"……. Ok so by admission, it wasn't Russia that caused this inflation.

  4. Labor market is a tax payer. Since the job market is low so it's tax paying people. More people taking government help makes inflation go up to keep up with demand of the people on welfare

  5. Better Not to wear a short skirt while sitting in the back!! Disturbing!! 😆 It's air-conditioned put pants on!!

  6. Buy RIOT now, A huge breakout is coming as Institution buying turns with crypto gains on the way. SEMPER FI

  7. down with congress, LONG LIVE THE FED!!! IN J POWELL WE TRUST

  8. I guess the Democrat senators didn't get the memo…this is the Fed chairman, not the energy secretary.

  9. 95% of trader lose learn to hold. No one goes from broke to rich without market pain. Stop selling and buying on emotion. Buy. Hold. Get through the pain. In 10years you"ll do great. Don't buy meme coins.

  10. Whoever thinks the rate is too high now must be insane… He should increased the rate last year. Just wait and see how this 1.5 fed rate not going to help much in the upcoming month.! should get to 3.5 by September!! inflation is too hot now. I don't agree with Senator Warren that hiking rate now hurts American people?? Houses in where I live gone up like almost 20 percent in less than 2 years. Thanks to low fed rate… People were buying like it is not their money!

  11. menendez wants a latino fed president and it didn't happen… awe poor baby. then again, its not like there's much competency at the fed….

  12. Will you remove honorable title to all of these govt officials….not deserving?

  13. mr powell is a good talker than being an economist? no concrete solutions on our economic woes?

  14. The Federal Reserve exist to inflate and steal from us. We must return to a gold standard to keep governments and others’ borrowing in check.
    We must end the Fed, it is the greatest enemy of working people.

  15. "Inflation is a global phenomenon" Jerome Powell…..Because currency prints itself for some unkown reason.

  16. How about no inflation…and we get rid of the FED

  17. How about getting these lazy people off welfare they want to stay on it make them work for it it’s called general relief do you wanna live on welfare then you have to work fort either that get off of it and get a job people out here are taking a vantage people that can work won’t work there’s too many jobs out here that can be filled hell even McDonald’s is paying $14 an hour

  18. can't wait to see the "fix" and how much money goes into their pockets.

  19. soft questions from almost everyone? mr. powell is protected?

  20. Biden is not America and the President Donald J Trump's the best President we've had this devilcratic regime has gotta be stopped by the Military special forces.this is not The America I grew up in what is this gonna be another Afghanistan and Iraq or Ukraine .this Has Gotta stop we need The men and women who Love America to stop this devilcratic regime.The United States Military Where are They.I feel like this is all a Bad Bad Dream

  21. I'm praying God saves America 🇺🇸 and all Americans falsely acused and all Americans falsely Imprisoned.

  22. "Get back to the labor market we all want" Jerome Powell….What Lavbor market ? Service sector McDonalds type labor market ? Are economy is 70% consumer spending ! How is this sustainable ?

  23. The banking system is the Cartel !

  24. nice view…disgusting

  25. Wow thanks for your concern Elizabeth warren. Pshhhhh she should focus on encoding riots. We are already in a recession cause of folks like her

  26. "They are commited to bringing inflation back down " ???? Why did you create inflation in the first place Mr Powell ? The banking sdystem is the only corporation that can create new curreency.

  27. Inflation is an expansion of the money supply. So who has the money printer ?

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