Saturday , November 28 2020
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Fed officials divided over rate cuts

FOX Business’ Jennifer Schonberger discusses the released Federal Open Market Committee minutes.

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  1. Cut em! My portfolio will love you for it!!

  2. Jennifer Schonberger 🍩🍔🍟

  3. Federal Open Market Committee release's. Hey Fed close the border wall.

  4. Get rid of Cavuto and Gasperino they suck! This Fed Chairman sucks too.

  5. Liquidity trap and now we have banana Republic financing! Let them go bankrupt and concentrate on keeping distribution from seizing up! WE ALL KNOW YOU SCREWED US ALL OVER IN THE VAIN ACT OF SAVING THE CRIMINAL BANKING CARTELS!

  6. The Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and an unaccountable corporate entity that must be booted out of America. It is not part of our Republic and is inherently corrupt.

  7. Didnt trump tell off obama for 0 percent rates now he wants the samething with no recession right now 0 percent rates only helps the banks not the poor or the middle class

  8. Best economy ever why does trump need help from the fed if everything is so fine

  9. We need higher rates not low ones usa had rates too low since allen greenspan he created the tech bubble and the housing bubble

  10. Low rates only helps the rich not the poor and makes income wealth inequality worst

  11. They will cut, end of story. This is optics to look independent. Everyone knows trump is steering the fed. Going to zero %. Gold destroys the fed.

  12. They will cut !!!!!! Everything going down the drain !!!!!! Stocks only rally on Chinese news 🤦🏻‍♀️ look at the fundamentals and charred !!!!!!!

  13. U.S Pension Funds Going To Fund The Communist Party!!!! One America News …what in the world is going on!!!!

  14. Tell what's his face that his burgundy tie works a lot better than that purple sh!t.

  15. Rate cuts are over rated. Get the trade deals done and bring stability to the market and stop taking money out of the economy with tariffs .


  17. She's an attractive J.A.P. but thats was a mess of an interview

  18. The Fed is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in its very concept. They are stealing our wealth by leasing printed money to us, forcing us to pay THEM TO HAVE AND USE OUR OWN WEALTH

  19. Fox stop talking about a RECESSION! WTf!!!!!

  20. Increase the rate full speed ahead.

  21. Cut those rates! Let the economy breath and boom!

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