Fed will ‘break the backs’ of Americans unless we adjust Dems’ spending: GOP rep.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., joined ‘Varney & Co.’ to break down the economic implications of a government shutdown. #foxbusiness

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  1. we want a shut down…stop the insane spending!!

  2. Every time I watch government meetings… The majority of the seats are empty… The no shows still get paid..! Shut this clown show down…

  3. Maybe it is all part of the plan.


  5. Shut it down if this is what is needed

  6. I'm was a Democrat, and I am republican now because of the horrible things democrats are doing to hardworking people

  7. Did car company's pay back the tax payer for bailout years ago…HMMM

  8. Too much unfunded government debases the currency. Unfunded government is just more government crowding and making the citizen smaller. Higher prices from inflation is just another way of letting government take the first bite. Raising interest rates so the private persons consume less will not stop inflation when government spends more money with no regard to interest rates. This is true in every country.

  9. When I can  go to the store and know not to buy something because some random person walks by andsays no thank you or dont…on their phone or to the person they are with which is called a Karem shot….giving a person information by talking to another person so that the other person can hear and use that information…I would rather buy the wrong item than have my privacy trampled on by a snooping society of government domestic data collectors…..domestic spies…watching us…which is only how this is possible…

  10. FEDS will break the backs of Americans ; Isn’t that precisely what they’re here for ? Since 1913 !!!

  11. We are living during crazy times. The senile puppet puppetmasters want a government shutdown so he/they can blame republicans on it and campaign on that. He also knows he have control of the media and all he have to do is send a memo to the media on what talking points they should repeat.

  12. Republicans will CAVE AGAIN.

  13. 6 cheque camara cuenta casa blanca biden 930

  14. Close the federal government we can save billions of dollars

  15. Please close it down the public dose want it close the the dam border

  16. Can you imagine yourself with a personal income like the Federal government of almost 5 trillion each year and be in debt and not be able to pay your bills? Plus 35 trillion in personal debt. Where did it all go wromg?


  18. The FED is not federal OR a reserve. The FED is a private bank, owned by the Rothschild family.
    NO American president has EVER been allowed to enter into the FED. EVER

  19. Issa is another (RINO) excuser for not cut federal spending……

  20. If the back bone is the middle class, than it’s already broken

  21. It took our entire adult life but we finally have a credit score in the 850’s. Banks don’t care when they want 12-15% on a signature loan for any amount.

  22. This video deserves all the praise and recognition it's receiving. Well-deserved!

  23. I heard that King Joe has been uploading his money every day to Ukraine, who care about the US? the Ukraine is a much much more important value of life than any homeless American here. 🙂

  24. The shut down will help ,we the people want our government back and a economically sound economy, this is needed and will cut the Biden administration out they put us in this failing economy there no such thing is they will deal with it later this is later we don’t give a flying f who blame who we want this spending to stop .

  25. Get rid of all these com mes in our government

  26. No more money to Ukraine and for the illegal immigration.

  27. Biden did nothing on budget and got more money last time. 
    Why would he do anything this time?

  28. The govt should stay out of private labor negotiations, especially when we’ve bailed the companies out

  29. The Fed is trying to save up from Trumps rampant spending adding $8 trillion dollars to the national debt. TRUMP BROKE AMERICAS BACK. So much for Republican fiscal responsibility!!

  30. Shut down the Spenders. Trump is another spender that blew up this artificial bubble economy bigger than it had to be. "everything comes with risks" the country can learn how to make difficult decisions rather than print print print out of desperation.

    The American dream is lost for the average person. Productivity will nose dive! Please shut it all down and bring on the pain once and for ("ALL").

  31. Just shut it down cause America economy sacks anyway! 😊😊😊

  32. Stop making this a party problem. This is a DC problem. The Swamp (made up of Dems AND the GOP) are at fault. Not a single DC Swamp Rat turns up the opportunity to dole out taxpayer cheddar to secure THEIR OWN PERSONAL political future

  33. Let the government crash and burn.

  34. by resending trump tax cuts

  35. Our backs are already broken our country is broken freedom of speech is gone the left has no regard for our constitution our elections are unfair too much election interference no budget communism is here

  36. Well darrell, just go ahead and sign on to bidens CR and let the unabated biden spending continue! It sounds as if that's what you want so go ahead and shake in your boots! 82 % of the government is on auto pilot so what's the big deal. People aren't going to stand for much more GOP timidity!

  37. Maybe we Really DO need to shut it down. The Corruption is looming