Saturday , November 28 2020
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Federal Reserve Chair Powell delivers remarks at open meeting

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivers remarks at the Federal Reserve Board open meeting.

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  1. Over nine Trillion unaccounted for by the Feds! See youtube hearings! The Pentagon even more! Only Rep. Cynthia Mckinney PHD grilled Rumsfield about the missing then almost 3 trillion right before 9-11. What you waiting for folks?

  2. Fox News polls are a joke!!!!

  3. In the short term QE is great for the stock market. But in the long term – dollar devaluation. Not good! But, my portfolio is diggin it 😁😎

  4. Only in America can we print money (Billions of Dollars each day!!) and think it will solve the economic devastation that is coming. The devaluation of the dollar is iminent. QE6 is hear and the brick wall is visible. The markets are going down hard. Depression 2.0 is coming!!

  5. Audit the Fed and make them a branch of US government.

  6. T R A N S P A R A N C Y

  7. If the Fed wants to save itself from the bankers greed it has to eliminate the IOER!!! The trillions of dollars parked at the Fed and earning less than 2% need be at the banks and lent out to our economy. END THE FED!!!! WE NEED SOUND MONEY POLICY!!!!

  8. Powell is garbage trying to crash the economy!!
    MAGA 2020

  9. Trump is coming for the federal reserve… 🇺🇸😎

  10. The people behind the federal reserve are the same people pushing the globe hoax. Their paper debt notes are used to enslave us in a debt slavery system of false scarcities. This world provides everything we need in abundance

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