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Feds pushing for prison time for Felicity Huffman in college scam l ABC News

Prosecutors want her to serve one month behind bars, but her attorneys are requesting that she be punished with one year of probation, community service and a fine.



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  1. Just 15 days..shameful judiciary system for the rich

  2. Way the black girl did have the same triment she get 5 years. Way ivan laglori don't help tha black girl to if she is so good in helping people her husband has money. And last she don't lake black people like want people.

  3. Oh it's not prison time!! It's county jail! If You can't do the time, don't do the crime!! I never knew Parents cared this much! Ah Ha Ha Ha! My Parent…cared enough to MAKE ME LEARN IT AND EARN IT ON MY OWN!

  4. African Americans aren't shown any compassion when they commit a crime, so why is she getting such a lite sentence. The only problem with this, is that she got caught. Why isn't William going to jail with her?

  5. As soon as our employee(judge) signs your "work order" taking your time/money.
    You will be in line for a inheritance blessing. You are blessed!
    David James West, a Christian man

  6. Omg anyone else would get years! So sick of this.

  7. All our kids working their asses off while Democrats cheat the systems.

  8. Loughlin must be wondering about the firmness of her mattress. All…Night…long.


  10. All about money who the fuck cares. Give it to everyone you DONT CARE ABOUT THE HOMELESSNESS IN OUR COUNTRY BUT THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

  11. I’ve done time in a woman’s min security facility it’s nothing especially a month. It’s not like it’s County.

  12. Stupid bitch should absolutely have to go to jail and not celebrity jail real hardocre scary dirty jail…I also think she should be fined twice the amount that she paid for her daughters tuition and that money should go directly to less fortunate college students that have good grades some people are working two jobs just to afford their college fees then we have this stupid twat buying her way through life lying cheating basically stealing smh

  13. One month? She should go to prison for however long her child was able to attend college in a spot deserving of someone else’s hard work. Maybe that will make her empathize on what she did wrong.

  14. She's a standup person. Admitted doing wrong. They're after her while Hillary and Bill can get away with nearly 100 murders.

  15. They definitely need to start charging all these people, when did losing your job or getting demoted count as punishment? I find it curious that they haven’t mentioned anything about who accepted (accepting) these bribes, aren’t they as culpable as the one offering???

  16. Her daughter is Mentally retarded and she’s a special ed

  17. We looking at what it’s like to be rich. You can do whatever you want. Break the law at Will and get away with it….. And the bazaar thing about it all is that the whole world 🌎 can watch it play out.. Crazy one month in jail…. 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

  18. Where is the Problem? It is OK to BUY a POLITICIAN and PROSECUTORS… it should be OK to buy my child’s way into College!
    Put the Criminals in Congress/Government in Prison FIRST! Just-Us Not THEM!
    Tucker Investigates: How did Chris Cuomo get into Yale? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhHH1AJtZ3Y

  19. These people make Aileen Wournos look like a kitten. GIVE THEM ALL THE DEATH PENALTY!!!

  20. check same time for the fernhoffmen site not sure ferndidgest

  21. Are those same people pushing for Elizabeth Warren to pay back her student loan and do jail time for claiming to be native American ???

  22. All overblown BS by the Boston Feds

  23. Big deal 🤦‍♂️ people worried about this why?

  24. Famous or not if you break the law and you do the crime then you should have to do the time. If it was any one of us we'd already be in prison.

  25. One of month and probably in a jail better than folks houses…..
    Now back to regular schedule program locking Black America up for being Black

  26. just a month is it are u serious lock her up!!!!!! god im sick of these rich ass Hollywooders getting away with everything they do

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