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Felicity Huffman begins 2-week sentence for college cheating scandal

The federal prison in Dublin, California, houses minimum security prisoners who have access to books, magazines and supplies for crafts.



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  2. Like it or not she used her money to afford an attorney who insured his client did little time. It's not a matter of what you or I think is fair or not. She had a super saavy legal team. You have the same rights as her, so long as you can afford to pay for them.

  3. Death penalty!!! No justice no peace!!

  4. I mean how stupid do you think your own kids are to have to pay ANYTHING to get them into college?! Good God!

  5. This isn't a jail! It's a damn Camp!

  6. This is stupid why am I watching this

  7. Two weeks?! lol woooow. That’s more of a time out.

  8. Why not punish the schools?

  9. She spent the night before watching "Get Hard" with Will Ferrell over and over…

  10. I would be nice for them stars to get real sentences. If you can’t do the time Don’t Do The Crime. They knew what they were doing they should all get real prison sentences not slaps on the wrists.

  11. Looks like a retirement home

  12. Proof the news reports on anything stupid

  13. And this is why Troglodytes are the devil the bible speaks of. #BabylonWillFall

  14. I’d get two years for cheating on an SAT.

  15. From Hong Kong! There are so much Hatred and Contempt being directed at these two Loving and Caring American moms. All they wanted was to send their own children, out of their expenses, to school and then hoping that they will become Educated, Productive and Good Citizens in America. And perhaps, one day, they'll have a chance of helping other people to have a better lives as well. If you have that opportunity like these Parents did. Wouldn't you do the same? God bless America.

  16. I'm sure jail will wisen her up. Be proud of your achievements guys👏

  17. 2 weeks? Why is this news?

  18. Syrian doctored video…shame on abc

  19. she'll go to camp cupcake get out and make a 10 million dollar movie off it

  20. Two week vacay, make amends to her community and 1 year probation?! GTF outta here with that! This is complete and utter bullmess! When you have two other women with 5 year sentences just for switching addresses so their kids to go to a decent school system. They shouldn't have any privileges or protection in the Big House! Unjust system for those without the finance!

  21. 2 weeks?
    Worth it! Lets do it again!

  22. Law does not apply to the rich/privileged.

  23. Lmao and smh in the same time

  24. 2 weeks?😂🤣 wasting my tax dollars.

  25. Bro I went to jail for stealing chiken from the food court at Walmart I was in jail for 2 weeks this lady made fraud end only got 2 weeks lmaoo wow

  26. What kinda jail is that? Fuck that, send her to Rikers island.

  27. TWO weeks!? That's IT!? …jfc..who's call was that?

  28. She is short timer sleep over!

  29. You guys act like she got a death sentence.

  30. Disgusting how money and fame can get you a get out of jail free card, I always remembered in monopoly you had to get lucky to get one guess they better revise the game so that you can outright buy them.

  31. This is a complete waste of time . What did this solve?

  32. Can’t compare paying 15,000 to 500k like Lori did.

  33. Thanks for the update.
    I will rest easy now.

  34. Lol i will make any time go away.

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