Wednesday , August 5 2020
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Felicity Huffman released from prison three days early: Report

Felicity Huffman has been released from prison for good behavior after serving 11 days of a 14-day sentence for her college admissions fraud. FOX Business’ Ashley Webster, Liz MacDonald and Deirdre Bolton with more.

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  1. Do all the people who had similar crimes get the same treatment or is this a part of the two-tiered justice system?


  3. The judicial system is setting a dangerous precedent for future fraud cases. When the next college fraudsters aren’t rich white women, we’ll see just how extremely biased the judicial system really is. Disgraceful.

  4. How about her community service hour's? Its was 250hrs man hours?

  5. A case of financial corruption solved with a case of judicial corruption. If any one of us did this, we would get three years. Welcome to the USSA comrades!

  6. Wow.. That'll show her not to ever raise a stupid kid again.

  7. What a disgrace of a justice system. Bribery obviously works for the rich👎 and here is a young man : overslept for jury duty and gets jail time plus community service👹 welcome to America 👎🇩🇪

  8. Love seeing the women circle the wagons to support the women Even when she’s a low life.

  9. She should’ve done her piddly time

  10. Money always talks, buying your way through life! Spoiled rich brats.. but that’s ok. Less privileged and poorer would get slammed… Nice to have millions and well connected friends in the right places!!

  11. It cost the government more to try her then put her in jail for ten days. They had to get a cell ready, clothes to wear, food to feed her. necessities like soap, wash towels etc. Why didn't they just fine her and call it a day. What a waste of money. She was hurt more by the fee she had to pay her lawyers. Now she has also can make a movie and make a bundle of money because she has training on how to react in a movie about prison life.

  12. Looks like the tv hosts are backing up they're peers…

  13. What a joke!! These Fox news anchors feel sorry for her? If she never got caught, She would never feel remorse. The court system is so corrupt……

  14. I wonder if she got any tattoos

  15. Well there you go people that's Justice for the rich

  16. We'd still be in jail, rules for us, all you can afford with the elite idiots.

  17. This is sad, but at least she has enough money to avoid any life obstacles which would arise, as the result of her record.

  18. if she serves her time there's no need to announce her departure. but if she's out early then it's brought to the public's attention. none of it is good press for her.

  19. Ooo the white privileged

  20. Wow!! She really learned A LOT , didn't she???

  21. She must be a Democrat. They don't have to pay for their crimes.

  22. Big surprise! early you dam rich people suck! we working folk are sick of getting the 💩end of the stick while you keep living the good life!

  23. She was actually let out early because her release date falls on a weekend and therefore you are released on the last working day, which is Friday.
    This is the same protocol here in the UK, plus any sentence 3-Years and under you only do half of the time given.

  24. Because 2 weeks were just tooooo much

  25. All because she's a wealthy white lady!!
    Tanya McDowell, a poor black woman, was arrested, charged with first-degree larceny and sentenced to five years in prison for lying about what school district her son lived in.
    Where's the equality in the justice system?!?

  26. Parents took her out of Camp Granada early? Homesick?

  27. I don't care about her and her two-faced ilk

  28. Cut it out guys, she served her time. That should be the end of it right? All the best.

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