feline that travels the world

ABC News’ Will Ganss has more on the jet-setting kitty who wanders far from home, visiting 45 states, five countries and 22 national parks.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. They got retractable claws! Goodness

  2. Is she a Maine Coon cat? I like those. If you are going to have a cat, have a BIG cat! In the country.

  3. My cat loves traveling too.
    It's documented 😊

  4. I want to be as well traveled as this cat!!! What's better than a cat in a backpack?? A cat on a leash!!! Absolutely adorable 😍

  5. More fake news from abc homosexual Will Ganss who ushered in kindred spirit George Santos with no fact checking thru two election cycles. Disney stock price falls as the message of staged cat traveling stories and the like are dreamed up to get the purple message out and ignore Disney's responsibility to investigate and inform the electorate about fraudsters like Santos who get a pass because of trans drag message signalling from abc Propaganda Ministry.

  6. I think the cat who travels the world is a very xool idea awesome pics and great adventures