Fighting addiction as lottery games grow in popularity

ABC’s Reena Roy discusses the problem of lottery addiction, as games meant to inspire dreams of winning big can become an unhealthy and financially destructive obsession for some Americans. WATCH the live stream of ABC News here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #ABCNLPPrime #lottery #addiction

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Lotteries and liquor stores in low income communities….nothing new.

  2. I remember when it was against the law to gamble, but I guess it’s ok now, since taxes are coming in. It’s perfectly okay. The biggest scam in modern history.

  3. They should increase the amount of winners and have the money go toward social services.😊

  4. The lottery is the proof that we can have electronic voting in america without cheaters.

  5. I play the lottery because no companies pay a living wage these days. 😢

  6. I love to gamble and play the lotto, but I do it in moderation.

  7. Weird the target black and brown more but white people usually win… That's even more depressing.

  8. The unofficial tax on poor people.

  9. Just a government scam it's a bend over at least give us a reach around

  10. ABC go work go broke you've lost my money

  11. My Mom had lottery addiction . Hundreds of dollars of losing tickets were all over the house.

  12. The government actually encourage this. What a shame.

  13. I guess these big jackpots entice people of means to buy some tickets as well.

  14. Family all Bank peace and Happiness is police new business okay Democracy Family All Rubulican is Peace policy new family all Bank peace yes okay and business and Happiness TNX GOOD Peace

  15. Of course low income people are attracted to get rich quick schemes like the lottery. That's not a form a systemic racism. Low income people are also disproportionately attracted to liquor stores and payday loans. That doesn't imply that all alcohol stores and payday loan establishments are racist. If a gambling addict wants to find the real source of their problems they only need to look in a mirror.

  16. Is oh my god! Now the lottery is racist? That's the stupid kinda comment that makes A normally rational person Suddenly vote republican.

  17. There’s no doubt whatsoever that states are capitalizing on lottery games…the numbers game was a street hustle now its state sponsored…the banker always “win” or profit from the proceeds regardless of how many winning tickets are paid…my advice is don’t become addicted to any thing or substance…winning can make one wealthy but if you’re going to play a lottery game, chose your numbers wisely or randomly and keep your investments at a minimum …

  18. Compulsive gambling is just like any other addiction… it’s a medical condition.
    There should be no shame. Just love and support.

  19. Lol if you have to skip a meal to play the lottery, you need help. One ticket is more than enough.

  20. And Tvonia motto today is…”no gamble no future”

  21. Food has never skipped her table.

  22. Every time I go to the store some gambling addict is holding up the line

  23. I never win with those things, waste of money.

  24. It is very addicting