Wednesday , August 10 2022

Fighting In Ukraine Heads Toward ‘Fearsome Climax,’ Adviser To Zelenskyy Says

As the war in Ukraine rages on, advisers to President Zelenskyy are warning that fighting in key Donbas cities could lead to a “fearsome climax” in the country. Distinguished Fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Joe Cirincione, joins News NOW to explain whether Russian forces could capture the entire Luhansk region and how European Union membership could aid Ukraine in its fight against Russia. 

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  1. Putin is abound to climax

  2. Zelensky and Bieden screwed up ukraine and Zelensky and Bieden to stop war and save Ukrainians

  3. BLACK POWER…. ✊🏿

  4. Spoken like a true MASTER STRATEGIST…(professional war mongering) more PEACE BOMBS

  5. It would be a wise move at this point for the West to send their military arsenals to Ukraine including putting boots on the ground in order to tip the balance of power in their favor otherwise, NATO is headed for an obvious debacle at the hands of Russia.

  6. western media: ukraine is winning
    ukriane: tactical retreat

  7. Russia has the right to a special operation on the following grounds:

    from the point of view of international law defined by the UN Charter;

    from the point of view of the protection of territories (DPR and LPR) that have the right to self-determination under the UN Charter (art. 76. Art. 1 and others);

    as a guarantor country of the DPR and LPR under the Minsk agreements;

    in order to protect their right to ensure their own safety;

    as a country struggling with the resurgent Nazism – the source of fascism;

    by right of a world power interested in the stability and loyalty of neighboring countries.

  8. This guy says Putin will come to negotiations table. Yes the Russian are losing so badly taking over all these cities in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces control the whole eastern Ukraine and yet they are losing keep up that taking so clever. 🤷

  9. adviser to president says,go to war and die for me and i will be happy person.

  10. Putin will destroy all of Ukraine before they become a member. What do you think started this war in the first place? Russia didn't want NATO weapons on Ukraine soil for obvious reasons.

  11. Zelensky completely ruined a nation

  12. The day that Putin takes Ukraine I am going to go out and celebrate!!!! Justice served!!

  13. Once Donbas is free of Nato-Ukraine soldiers, will be much easier to roll up rest of army. Nato has been building fortifications for past 8 years in Eastern Ukraine, and has trained over 100,000 soldiers to support the 2014 Hillary-Coup Regime. Likewise, Nato set up fortifications in hospitals and schools. And used the locals for human shields. Once Nato is routed the Nato-Ukraine army won't have anywhere to hide

  14. Hey everybody was in New York, when is Biden and his supporters gonna wake up and send Ukraine what they need or are they still scared to death of Putin. It’s amazing we got all of nato the UK AUSTRAILIA AND SEVERAL OTHERS AND OUT OF ALL THESE COUNTRIES WE CANT GET UKRAINE. ENOUGH WEAPONS, OR WHAT IS IT REALLY they say they want Ukraine to win. But they don’t any up. PLEASE REPLY

  15. quick before they delete it @
    Ukraine Soldiers Burning Russians Alive


  17. The ice age could start all over again if we set off a number of atom bombs. The sot will rise to the atmosphere and block out any sunlight for a number of years.

  18. Modern politics is all about building opinion, making alliances, and manipulating facts. Ordinary people do not want war, killing, and destruction. But our politicians, journalists and political analysts have their narratives. They entertain people and assume there is a victory in this conflict, which goes with putting more sanction against Russia and sending more funds and ammunitions to Ukraine.  The US and EU leaders including the British prime mister put sanctions on Russia and told the world that sanctions will bring the Putin’s region down. The reality is very different, because the price of energy, commodities and even the value of Russian currency do not decrease much. Russia earn one billion euro more each day due to higher price of gas and oil. Ordinary people in Europe and America suffer as a result sanction. Do we objectively understand the impact and outcome of our own decision? The answer is no, because our brain is loaded with emotional thoughts and feelings, and we do not even know the cause of conflict. If we do not understand the cause of this conflict, we most likely do not come with any logical conclusion to end this conflict.

  19. You think russia wants to talk peace talk 😂 are you high

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  21. Ukraine should bombs back to Russian

  22. воювати на могутню Україну. VIVA UKRAINI, VIVA HEROYAM !!!!

  23. Man you are dreaming ,exerpert, the usa is problem the should give peace a chance

  24. Thank you for your info

  25. Not good for Ukraine.

  26. You cannot negotiate with a corrupt thug like Putin. A ceasefire and peace deal with dictators like Putin only feeds their appetite. At best it might be a peace for 2 to 5 years before he comes back for another bite especially if Ukraine had to disarm as part of a peace deal. Russia has to and must be defeated on the battlefield – in that Boris Johnson is correct.

  27. Z,V,O. What about the Game Changer? Return to sender? Z is the main formation, V is to close Gaps and O is to encircle-surround.

  28. I'm always ready for a fearsome climax 😉👌

  29. Ukraine is losing roughly (and probably conservatively) 2000 men daily now out of which 1/3 is killed. Imagine losing >60,000 soldiers every month… no country can sustain that, not even China would in the long run. This also means that in roughly 12 months ALL able bodied Ukraine men will be dead, wounded, captured (and/or fled the country). Of course the collapse will happen long before that, my estimate would be a 3rd of that time i.e. 3-4 months from now the direct military war will be over. It is simply not mathematically possible for Ukraine to last longer than this, which fits perfectly what all real analysts said at the start of the war i.e. that it would be over by October. Ukraine never stood a chance.

  30. Let's us not forget that before Putin invaded Ukraine, Putin tried diplomatic path to avert war with President Joe Biden's Administration, but Biden's Administration refused to even pretend to discuss Putin's proposal to avert war – Putin was probably humiliated by Biden Administration outright rejection of his diplomatic proposal to avert war. This undiplomatic total rejection of Putin's proposal is probably what precipitated the invasion.