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Figure skater uses her blades to make art on untouched ice high in the mountains | Nightline

Laura Kottlowski, a figure skater and graphic designer, combines her two passions to hunt for remote locations where she carves art into pristine ice.



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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. So basically an Etch-A-Sketch on ice.

  2. Skatings foundation, and wish figures were required. I did one of the fancy figure seminars, and really enjoyed it. My dream to skate out on a lake like this!!

  3. Who else came here an found freedom?

    Drop a like for the artist

  4. Getting that Kottlowski name out there!! Love to see it

  5. I wish I had time to waste like her..

  6. Laura, congratulations! Your segment on ABC Nightline was fabulous, and your special figures and creativity are astounding! 🙂 ❤ Also, the scenic outdoor views and ice were spectacular and breathtaking!

  7. Great story. Love her art & ability to transmute what might have been deep disappointments and loss into something that is obviously so beautiful and nourishing to the soul.

  8. The title of this story sounds like the plot of a Hallmark movie

  9. Control of main stream media is the fist part of this soft cudata the Democrats have launched against the AMERICAN PEOPLE !!

  10. She’s certainly got a lot of time on her hands.

  11. I have loved figure skating since I knew what skating was all about! Wish I could do it! It’s so elegant, beautiful and mesmerizing! What a great talent she has!

  12. She sounds like Ty Notts, that croak at the end if every sentence.

  13. Leave it as you found it.

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  15. Jesus my life sucks. The closest I have gotten to this is peeing smiley faces into the snow.

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  21. So awesome! She need a YouTube channel to document “figures” journey finding ice ice babe!

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