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What I’m Wearing:
Barbour coat (similar) –
Cream roll neck jumper (similar) –
Le Chameau boots –
Sweaty Betty leggings (similar) –
Fendi camera bag (similar) –
Pareterre dress –
Coral printed dress –
Valentino basket bag –
Cream robe coat (similar) –
Floral dress –

Vita Liberata tanning –
Vita Liberata body blur –
Raffia rockstuds –
Steamline luggage –

Look 1
Dress –
Valentino basket bag –

Look 2
Dress –

Look 3
Dress –
Valentino basket bag –
Woven court shoes –

00:00 – Intro
02:11 – Countryside Walk
05:30 – Gardening & Updates
09:09 – Pampering
10:50 – Garden Centre
16:08 – New Dress
17:48 – Burford Haul & Garden Progress
26:32 – Outfit Planning
36:44 – London Trip

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  1. Josie your dress was gorgeous. Loved the vlog, was fantastic. πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  2. Josie I love the Karen Millen dress and Farfetch dress on you. They are stunning. Enjoying seeing your kitchen garden transform into an amazing area. You deserve the best and so glad you were able to get your garden going.

  3. Wow, a beautiful garden layout. Love your videos!

  4. Of all the pretty dresses, I think that the button down pink coral on white is the most perfect.

  5. So impressed with your raised bed!! <3

  6. Pity you're walking all over your raised beds – thought there was going to be some stepping-stones? If not, at least use a long board to stand on like Monty Don does, prevents you compacting the soil where you stand.

  7. Hi Josie put chicken wire with metal sticks around the strawberries. You can make it as tall and wide as you want. Happy gardening beautiful!

  8. What happened to the terra-cotta pots you put in the pond water? P.s love your kitchen garden updates πŸ’•πŸ’•

  9. I love the idea of using potted flowers for your wedding Josie. It will keep with the esthetic of your gorgeous home and garden with the abilities to plant them afterwards. Your vlogs are truly the best, always keeping it real you and Charlie with the boy’s. Your dresses are Devine. I share the same style with you, always have been a dress girl. Have the most incredible weekend with your family and friends.

    xoxo πŸ’–πŸ€πŸ‘Έ

  10. You never did explain why the ceiling collapsed. Did you have a water leak from somewhere?

  11. Good morning beautiful darling josie I hope you charlie and the boys are well it's so lovely to see you again thanks so much for sharing your lovely vlog stay safe xxx

  12. the karen millen floral dress is delightful you bloom from the inside out absolutely stunning

  13. The dresses were fabulous especially the first and second ones.

  14. Love the dress you chose and also like the first one so good choice. Your kitchen garden is really coming along so well done on all your hard work.

  15. Does anyone know where the cloches are from?

  16. The garden will be stunning – can’t wait to see how it will develop.

  17. I love that zimmerman green dress its utterley gorgeous Not keen on off the shoulder number

  18. it's nice that the White Prada Basket bag is back in store, Freddy said she is tempted to get it, in a video.

  19. Your house and style reminds me of Lydia

  20. Truly gorgeous dresses!πŸ‘— 😍 You look absolutely stunning in the dress you chose for the wedding event…when you spotted the lady in the black dress, with off the shoulder, puff sleeves, you look relieved! πŸ€—πŸ₯°
    Your kitchen garden looks so elegant and in total keeping with everything else you choose for your home and garden. I cannot wait to see your green house when it has been installed and the completion of your kitchen garden.😍😍😍

  21. I brought a Wisley Vanilla this weekend, it smells incredible! Just like marshmallows 🀀

  22. I don’t normally like Karen Mullen dresses but that halter dress looked fantastic on you. The garden is looking gorgeous. I’m torn because I do wonder about the practicality of such large raised beds but the aesthetics of them is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing how everything grows in over the next few months.

  23. All those dresses were gorgeous. Those raffa heels from River Island are the real winner this session. Abondon those Rockstar shoes and choose the RI ones more often; so elegant in style. I am popping into Selfridges today, so thank u for the peep! Also will try on that Phase eight dress; u make it look so feminine. The kitchen garden is looking sensational. Coukd u say a bit more about what u planted in the wild section please? Also, loved seeing the cute spaniel and yellow labrador on the walk πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  24. The Zimmerman is just gorgeous for an evening and the pink toned dress for dayware. both lovely . Enjoy your day and evening

  25. what is a mange too?

  26. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌹

  27. I love the dress you went out to dinner the dress is beautiful

  28. Absolutely loving πŸ₯° your dressing room Josie and the little seat is stunning 😍.
    Gorgeous gorgeous πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ’•

  29. Candytuff one of your white plants is a perennial. Mine is just coming into bloom. The have a cascading growth and they get bigger every year. You might want to think about putting that in it's own planter. It will cascade down. Here we see them being used on top of retaining walls, either white or a various shades of mauve. I love my snow white ones. They also have a long blooming season here. My growing zone is somewhat the same as yours? Mine is an 8b. I love white plants as well. One year my entire deck of about 8 hanging pots where all white, it was stunning. Many people have areas of their gardens devoted to just white plants.

  30. The kitchen garden is coming together very nicely Josie and Charlie – well done! BTW the Allyson flowers will self seed very readily so you’ll need to decide early on whether you want them popping up everywhere. Cheers from an old Chester girl from Tasmania

  31. Consider planting gardenia. Beautiful white flowers and fragrance too. My favorite perfume

  32. Warning! The raspberries should be OUTSIDE the veg garden – they are terrible weeds and will take over from roots and seedlings unless in a place where they can be in a row up against a wall or mowed on both sides of the row. The canes also need to be supported or they will fall over when in fruit. The gardens are just stunning: absolutely love the columns and wrought iron pergola and the paths and circular seating area and mixes of different stone and brick. You are just as gorgeous with or without makeup! Several of the white flowers you bought are early-blooming perennials, which will not bloom all summer like annuals. There are a number of white annuals that would serve you better for growing for the table or long-term bloom in pots around the house. You can always put the perennials in the border after they have finished blooming. Your dress selections for London and the event were PERFECTION! I also really loved the first halter dress – I am partial to halters on the right body type, and you definitely have that. Really lovely and tasteful, unlike the black dress the girl was wearing who had her photo taken with you. Perfect counterpoint of tasteful and tacky!

  33. Your garden is spectacular! Damn those pigeons for getting your monch monch thingys….never heard of it. Anyways, I wanted to inquire about your wisteria, are you worried that its invasive?? I want to plant it but worried it'll get out of control. What are your thoughts…obviously u love it since u planted it….

  34. Your garden looks so beautiful already.

  35. Wedding content!!! Whoo Hoo excite a mundo!!
    I don’t know how u stop yourself at the garden shops… I would have to pull a trailer behind my car πŸš— πŸ˜‚β€¦
    Gorg plants!!! I love love ginormous pots w plants an topiaries spilling out!
    Exciting times!!!
    Hugs from Texas

  36. Josie, I am so pleased to hear you say that you genuinely want to hear from us. I would like to see more alignment with your philosophy. You spend more on clothing each week than most of us earn in a month!! I would like to see more STYLING!! That is what first attracted me to your channel but now you've hit the big time, you seem to have lost touch with your fundamental beliefs. How about pick a theme or get a look and shop your closet to find ways to style the looks. I would like to see you showcase all these gorgeous clothes more often. What I'm seeing lately is a continual parade of NEW clothes on you and we rarely seem them repeated.

  37. Love πŸ’— the green dress. Looks so good on you πŸ₯°πŸ‘

  38. Beautiful Josie! What a lovely evening! Would you consider doing a video on your favorite personal as well as home fragrances? I've been super into candles and home fragrance lately, and would love to hear what some of your favs are!

  39. Josie, you missed the pun " Lets not rush". Its a pond plant. I love so much the trips to garden centres and your kitchen garden is my dream potager.

  40. I wish it were still cool enough in Utah to still wear a sweater. Your garden is soo lovely! We still do roasts in the summer but use things like chicken, salmon or nummy local rainbow trout. The egg is fantastic for using as an out door oven.

  41. When you said phase 8, it reminded us of our working in House of Fraser days πŸ˜‚ brought back a lot of memories x those were the days lol

  42. Josie, I'm loving the longer length of your hair. How did you manage your curls/waves on the new dress section of the video? xoxoπŸ’• Please do a tanning video darling!!