Sunday , April 18 2021
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FINISHED GYM TOUR // Soho Farmhouse Inspired // + Garden Updates // Fashion Mumblr Vlogs

FINISHED GYM TOUR // Soho Farmhouse Inspired
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Pink cardigan –​
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White zip fleece –
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Floral maxi dress –
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Puffer coat –​
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& Other Stories quilted vest –
Barbour jacket (similar) –​​
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  1. What a beautiful gym, such lovely elegant taste form you both. I was wondering, did you plant the peonie from seed or was it already a plant? Thank you!

  2. Middle wallpaper…. others will not match your taste

  3. I pick the one on the right , your least favorite?, if papering the whole bathroom.

  4. It looks that that flower-bed needs somwe tiny rustic boder, so doggies won't be able to mess around.

  5. In regard to you're boys and the new garden. Tray a spray bottle with a good "straight-line spray". You can add a touch of vinegar. They probably won't like being squirted with it when they go in the garden and will soon stop when you just pick it up. Just a thought.

  6. I vote for the pretty 'cottagecore' floral wallpaper. A small classic floral is always timeless and will be more cheery over time. Being that the wainscot paneling is very traditional and the sinks are quite ornate I feel the smaller floral will blend quite well. Just my two pence! Lots of love!

  7. So funny with your babies on your herbaceous border

  8. A lot of your hard earned money has gone into that flower bed, those plants need to get established else you may lose them so I think you need to take some time out to train them or put a small temporary fence around it, you can get some really nice decorative ones. It’s natural for a dog to spread their scent. I just love your vision and how hard you work, your enthusiasm is infectious.

  9. Omg it’s so beautiful x

  10. I like the smaller flower wall paper it looks elegant the bigger flower looks to busy if your planning to wallpaper the entire bathroom

  11. Josie the big flowered paper will be wonderful.

  12. Bringing your Peloton in your gym?

  13. 💐🌸🌺🌹❤️❤️❤️

  14. Josie maybe darken slightly the wall covering in your Powder Room. White is far too bright. Beige maybe better?

  15. Both your self and Lydia and your gorgeous partners have blossomed during lockdown almost as much as your homes , I love you all.
    The transformation of your garden this month has been awesome to watch, good tradesmen are hard to find …. a treasure to keep .
    This year is going so fast I need it to slow down..I've started getting up early to give my self a couple of extra hours a day 🤗but lockdown gave me so many things I'm interested in trying it's hard to prioritise them 😂🤣🤗.
    Stay safe stay well xx xx the boys will learn about the path , just encourage them to walk by your side with a treat 😍

  16. You are SO LUCKY to have Contractors on "Speed Dial"!!! We are having a Hellava Time hiring a contractor… They are in Such High demand! I did have one come out & inform me that I need a complete kitchen remodel😯 I asked when he would be available to do the work & he informed me that it might be a year or more!!! I guess that gives me more time to save some money to make the kitchen Really Nice… Unless, Inflation kicks in again! I was told that the price of lumber has doubled in the past year!! Holy Moly!😕 I LOVE the GYM! Yes, I think you guys Nailed the Soho Farmhouse look!! Look into doing the vegetable beds yourselves. see if you can find some edging, amend the soil & add irrigation. You will save a TON of money. We did our garden & I am really happy with the way it turned out. I plan on getting some galvanized stock tanks this year to add some vegetables that get snitched by the rabbits! We have deer in the front yard that isn't fenced & rabbits & birds in the back yard. Those Deer are Little $h!ts!! Even if a plant says its deer proof, they will eat it! Your flower beds turned out so beautiful & when everything blooms, it's going to look magical! You two have done so much in just a year… You are coming up on your 1st year anniversary! CONGRATULATIONS!!!🥰🎉🛕💐🌸🏵🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷🥀XOXO from Montana

  17. I like the middle wallpaper the best

  18. I love the bold peony (?) wallpaper (middle one) but I would only do 1 statement wall and then paint the rest of the walls using a colour from the wallpaper.

  19. Like the middle bold flower wallpaper , the other wallpaper looks like something a grandmother would have !

  20. I like the middle and right wallpapers more than the one on the left. I think that one on the right would look gorgeous for the whole room, with panelling below in the colour you’ve painted on your walls, and then some gorgeous gold/brass mirrors. The paper in the middle is beautiful but might make the room feel too closed in on all the walls. Definitely stick to one colour for the panelling otherwise you’ll have too many things competing against each other.

  21. Love the glitter flower wallpaper best…. Yes train Dickie & Dexter to walk on the path, with a treat each. Will be worth it the end results.👗👒👜👍😀

  22. Bathroom is looking lovely! I vote for the larger print wall paper. 1). Most people would choose smaller print to be safe, so you would stand out with the larger choice. 2). When filming I. There, the small print will be lost on camera and not as noticeable. The larger print will be a lovely backdrop. Also, more pink in large flowers to give off a Rosie tone to the light, which is so flattering to your skin. Either way- can’t wait to see it!!

  23. Have you seen pics of whole rooms with the wallpapers installed? Maybe check google? A small close up sample is not enough to judge. I instantly discarded a wallpaper I loved once I saw its repeating pattern on a whole wall. I hated it. I think you can't yet make a decision because you don't have enough information? (Those sinks are awesome.)

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